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Already Back In Prep Mode

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It was not easy to put on my posing suit today and take pictures after eating…not horribly, but eating more than I had in months and at my discretion for the last 17 days. I also had to tell Shelby everything I’ve eaten for the last two weeks.  Definitely felt like I was confessing my food sins (again, thankfully I was not that bad!)

I have gained 7 pounds since the Louisiana Championships but I think I’m carrying it rather well once I compared it to my pictures from week two of working with Shelby for the Camellia Championships…as you can see in the picture below.  I was 117 lbs, 42 days from Camellia and I was 124lbs this morning.

I’m 18 weeks from Nationals so Shelby and I have plenty of time to work together to get the physique I want to bring to the stage. He is however kicking things off by sliming me back down – how much, I don’t know but my diet is the same as it was when I was getting ready for Camellia.

Will keep everyone posted…I’m sure it’s going to be interesting!

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