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Deep Tissue Hell is Heaven

Deep Tissue Hell is Heaven

Next time I will get a video of me screaming, jerking and sweating my @$s off on the massage table because it’s really hard for people to understand how painful a real deep tissue massage actually is. My misery did not however, bother Little Man one bit.  I was concerned at first that perhaps he would attack Arrid (massage guru) because he would assume that Arrid was hurting me.  Arrid assured me that he’s been around plenty of dogs of all sizes and temperament and none had ever attacked him. As a matter of fact, he said that the dogs find it to be rewarding to watch.  Little Man couldn’t even be bothered to watch, there I was screaming and jerking around and he stayed on the couch sleeping and snoring away.

Arrid is by far the best deep tissue massage therapist (guru) to ever work on me. It’s no wonder football players, other professional athletes and movie stars fly him around the world to work on them. When we started, unlike other therapists, he didn’t want me to tell him where any of my “problems areas” were – he said he would find them…which he did and then some.

While lying on my back, he moved my right arm across my chest and my elbow didn’t go any further than my nose.  I told him I had elbow/joint problems…he didn’t reply back – he showed me that wasn’t it. Besides my triceps being tight as a mother…he went into my armpits and lats.  The pain was unreal but by the time he was done…my elbow reached down to my left ear; where it’s suppose to naturally reach.

Parts of my body feel like I got hit my a Mack truck yesterday but I’m not tight or in knots in the areas he worked on.

I had a good chat with Arrid after he was done to learn more about what is obviously an amazing gift and really enjoyed getting to know him.  Besides doing incredible work to help me stay healthy and get me stronger; he provided me with so much joy from listening to what is without a doubt a love, passion and calling on his life. He was a real inspiration.  Because it so rare to be around people who truly LOVE what they do when you are blessed enough to encounter someone who does – it’s just a jolt of feel good emotions and energy.

It’s true he had to center me back on the massage table a few times since I was clearly trying to get away and my neighbor might have thought I was getting slowly tortured but there’s no doubt I will have Arrid work on me again.  Getting this type of deep tissue work is priceless towards avoiding injuries, continuing to maintain full range of motion and unblocking anything that might be interfering with perfect blood flow to the muscles.

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