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Props to Prince Photography

Props to Prince Photography

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I was really hesitant to do a photo shoot while not at my peak…you get so used to seeing yourself all lean and ripped that seeing anything other than that reflected at you and “immortalized” in pictures isn’t pleasant. So when DJ Hunter of Prince Photography tried to track me down to reschedule a shoot I had to cancel because I looked like I had a skin disease from my competition tan fading horribly – it took him not accepting any excuses from me for us to make it happen.

We linked up at NOLA Fit and “went to work”. Ironically, I had just been there an hour before cranking out an intense leg workout.  I went home, took a quick shower, did my hair, makeup and went back to do the shoot.

I have worked with a few other photographers, so I thought I knew what to expect.  I brought a few outfits with me assuming we would do a variety of shots.  But it didn’t unfold that way.  He took shots in two outfits and only two different locations. One location was outside on the balcony (haven’t seen any of those pictures yet) and the other was outside in the darkest corner he could find by the punching bags.

He was perfectionist with getting the lighting just right and the right background; and although I posed a bit – he also knew what shots he wanted to take.  While I’ve shot for hours with other photographers – we were done in less than an hour.

I received my first picture via text message from DJ less than 2 hours after the shoot– so it was great to not have to wait 1-2 weeks before seeing the first picture. Since then, he has sent additional pictures to me in different ways.  One I saw when I opened Facebook and bang; there I was in my newsfeed and another came via Twitter.

As a model, when working with a photographer on a mutually agreed time for prints/files – it really does need to be beneficial for both parties and nothing is more frustrating for the model than not getting your pictures.  (As a matter of fact, two previous photographers said I would get CDs and I never did) So perhaps some models wouldn’t appreciate not getting all of their pictures at once or having them delivered in this fashion however, I find it to be a very smart way of going about it.

DJ’s use of social media is a wonderful way of promoting his work and promoting me at the same. I have already had another photographer contact me because he saw DJ’s picture and hopefully my writing about him, retweeting and reposting his pictures will be good for his business as well.  He’s been quite clever in his annotation of the pictures as well when he’s posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Although it goes without having to say it – his work is also incredible.  I’ve never been a fan of edited pictures but I do like what he’s done and it’s good to see some pictures of me with more meat on my bones.  In one picture, I normally would have cringe because of how my legs looked but I decided not to – instead I embraced it.

Once I do have all the pictures; I’ll add them to a new gallery on the picture gallery page.

Side note in regards to these said mutually beneficial shoots, a photographer shouldn’t expect a model to work with him again if he can’t get her at least some pictures on a timely fashion. It’s a time commitment for both individuals, and models are looking to use those pictures in order to refresh their portfolios or use them for other campaigns. Models also need to return the favor and respect watermarks and photographers’ credits

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