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Next on the List. My First Million

Next on the List. My First Million

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Took me almost two weeks to go pick up my diploma since I had my nose to the grind writing my first book but I finally drove to UNO today and picked it up – and here it is, flanked by the girls…my two first place trophies from Camellia and the Louisiana Championships.

I finished writing Develop and Flex Your Confidence Muscles on Saturday night. My plan was to do a big edit on Sunday – but I needed to unwind and settle into what having written this book meant to me before just forging ahead with it. I did a big scrub of the book yesterday and it’s been passed along to a few people for their review and a friend is working on the cover. The goal is to have it available for download by Friday; meeting the deadline I set for myself to get it done when I started.

Once the book is available for download, I have a few ideas and a plan to promote the book and get downloads rolling in!  I have an astronomical number of downloads in my mind because I don’t want to limit what God can make happen. I certainly don’t want to pray for xx,xxx downloads when God has xxx,xxx,xxx downloads planned for me.

Years in the Making

Everything I have done, accomplished and finally finished the last couple of months have all been things that were years in the making. I really wish I could explain how incredibly surreal it all is to have done and accomplished all of these things. As you know if you read this blog, it is because of my relationship with God I’ve been able to achieve and accomplish so much. It’s because I have been praying and listening to what He has been telling me to do.  And although the accomplishments are amazing in of themselves; it is ultimately how I feel inside that is the miracle and “takes the cake”.  I am the happiest and most fulfilled I have ever been.

My First Million

I have known, envisioned and pictured for years what I want my life to be like and who I wanted to become. I have become the person I always imagined I would be and God has been delivering in a rather orderly fashion everything I’ve always wanted. It’s pretty fascinating to me; I am getting everything I have ever truly wanted because I have been listening and obeying God and gladly putting in the work without trying to force anything to happen.

According to my heart and soul, and God’s delivery program, next on the list is my first million.  The first million comes in conjunction with my business getting off the ground. Of all the things I’ve desired; this is the mother load. This is the compilation of getting to put to good use everything I’ve learned so far and leveraging all of who I’ve become, while experiencing new and exciting adventures. This is also about growing deeper in my relationship with God and learning more about life, people and business.

This is also another phase, no doubt a phase that will last a few decades but God knows it’s all going to lead to me becoming an Angel Investor and helping young entrepreneurs of the future make a difference for generations to come.

What’s been in my heart for my life has been holding steady for a very long time. It took me to hell and back but since submitting my will to God; it’s only been leading me towards Heaven.

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Our Testimonies. How God Makes His “Money”

There is always a certain level of risk each time I write these blog posts and speak so openly and boldly about what’s next in my life and what I know God is doing in my life. I do it because this is what God wants me to do.  Our testimonies are how He makes His “money” – meaning, those who believe, trust and have faith in God have a duty to share what He’s doing in our lives. Those who boldly rely on Him and serve Him are led by Him to live prosperous and incredible lives. The kind of life that is available to EVERYONE and we have a responsibility to share that with anyone and everyone. Whether people decide to change their lives is ultimately an individual decision each person has to make.

I don’t have any of the “hows” yet of how my business is finally going to take off and my first million is going to come rolling in – however, I have finished what He asked me to do which was the book. Friday, the book will be available for download.  Between now and Friday, I shall keep praying, training, dieting, writing, and looking into promoting the book and updating the Loop of Confidence website.

I am fully strapped in cause I know; things are about to take off!!

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