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A Life Measured In Weeks

A Life Measured In Weeks

If you are a bodybuilder, in a relationship with one, part of the family of one or friends with a bodybuilder than you are used to the constant weekly countdowns.  Bodybuilders are pretty much always XX to X weeks out from their next competitions. As it so happens, I’m now 12 weeks out from Nationals in Atlanta.

There are many misunderstood aspects to this sport and certainly many weird habits and rituals mere regular gym goers just don’t understand 😉 But there are also many side benefits and pleasures to being a bodybuilder; one of the most important aspects is the dire magnitude of making EACH AND EVERYDAY COUNT.

The Inside Scoop on the Weekly Countdowns

I wouldn’t be surprised if most of my friends and facebook followers who aren’t bodybuilders find my countdowns annoying, which is why, I find myself compelled today to explain not only why they are critical to the sport I partake in, but what a positive impact they have on my everyday life.

Clearly the type of physiques you see on stage at a bodybuilding competition are not made overnight. It takes time and lots of hard work to create the master pieces put on a display.  It’s also a very calculated process; in order to “come in” (show up on stage) looking a certain way; there is a lot of back planning involved hence the weekly countdowns.  Most countdowns start 16 weeks out but depending on what type of offseason shape a competitor maintains he or she might not need 16 weeks.

While it doesn’t matter how many weeks out the countdown is started, it’s crucial to start a countdown because changes need to be tracked very closely and milestones along the way must be hit in order to have the ultimate desired physique for the stage.

The weekly countdown is also divided into stages and each stage is very important to the final results. What this means is that when a bodybuilder starts a countdown to a competition; their physique will go through the most changes and transformation. This is why everyday counts – the outcome of everyday leads to meeting the weekly goals or not meeting those weekly goals.  You can’t afford to fall behind and it’s always best to be ahead or right on point.

When Everyday Counts

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When what you do everyday counts towards meeting your goal; that is achieving the physique you want for the stage it also plays a part in your life.  Or at least it definitely does in my life. It’s a very strong mindset that gets created.  Every decision of how hard you train, when you get your cardio, the right and proper consumption of food and supplements and getting the right amount of sleep…etc, makes a world of difference.  Just like what you decide to do or not do today have a huge impact on all your other life goals.

You can watch, observe and manage the progress of all your goals the same way you track and work for the changes in your physique. Week after week when I send my coach pictures of how my physique has changed, I also take account of how my life has changed.  What else have I accomplished this past week? What I do everyday counts not only in what my physique will become but how much my business will grow, how much I will improve as a person, the money I make, and the people I will impact.

In 12 weeks from now, it’s not just about being ready for Nationals; it’s about having made everyday count for everything in my life so I not only have the best physique I’ve ever had but the BEST LIFE!

So I love me the weekly countdowns.  Makes me track all of my progress and makes me realize how much each day matters. Also makes me realize how FAST it all goes by.

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