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My 35th Birthday Wish

My 35th Birthday Wish

My birthday is coming up in a week on September 7th.  I’ll be turning 35 (although I don’t feel a day older than 18 or look a day older than 25 ;)) I always make a birthday wish…okay, wishes and this year, I decided to make my birthday wish early and to share it with everyone in the hopes it will help to make it come true.

My 35th Birthday Wish is to get 1,000 downloads of my ebook Develop and Flex Your Confidence Muscles in the month of September (ideally before my Bday…but that might be pushing it a tad.)

Develop and Flex Your Confidence Muscles is based on my course The Loop of Confidence.  It is a self-help type of book designed to help you develop (and flex) impeccable self-confidence. I have been working on The Loop of Confidence for the last 7 years and have made confidence development my center of focus for years.  I share a lot of my knowledge with people about not only what is and isn’t self-confidence but how to go about developing it.

Currently my ebook is available for download at Booktango; the e-publishing platform I selected to publish and distribute my book. It will be available on Amazon, kindle and other platforms in the next couple of weeks (I will update you accordingly). It’s available for download in PDF, EPUB and MOBI.

Here is some additional information courtesy of Wikipedia about formats and supported readers:

PDF files are supported on many e-book readers including: Mobipocket, iRex iLiad, iRex DR1000, Sony Reader, Bookeen Cybook, Foxit eSlick, Amazon Kindle (2, 3, International & DX), Barnes & Noble Nook,the iPad, PocketBook Reader, Bebook Neo and the Kobo eReader. Also, pdf files can be read on the iPod Touch using the free Stanza app.

EPUB:  The format can be read at least by the Kobo eReader, Blackberry Playbook, Apple’s iBooks app running on iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony Reader, BeBook, Bookeen Cybook Gen3 (with firmware v. 2 and up), COOL-ER, Adobe Digital Editions, Lexcycle Stanza, BookGlutton, AZARDI, FBReader, Aldiko, Moon+ Reader and WordPlayer on Android, Freda on Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7, the Mozilla Firefox add-on EPUBReader, and Okular.

MOBI: The reader has a full screen mode for reading and support for many PDAs, Communicators, and Smartphones. Mobipocket products support most Windows, Symbian, BlackBerry and Palm operating systems, but not the Android platform. Using WINE, the reader works under Linux or Mac OS X. Third-party applications like Okular and FBReader can also be used under Linux or Mac OS X, but they work only with unencrypted files.

What It Will Take For My Wish to Come True

For my wish to come true (get my 1,000 downloads)…people who read this post will need to go buy the ebook and also help me spread the word about it. The more people share the link and encourage their friends to also go download the book – the more downloads the book will get.

Trust me when I say this: WE ALL NEED MORE SELF-CONFIDENCE. This ebook will open your eyes and change the way you look at what self-confidence is and isn’t. It is an extremely useful ebook; filled with excellent information.

Over the years it’s been very difficult for me but I’ve had to learn to ask for help.  I’ve definitely gotten much better at it.  I’ve also had to work on my sales skills…which still need a lot of work. Sales is difficult for me because I’m not one to convince someone to buy a product or service guaranteed to help them unless they want it and care enough to commit to helping themselves.

Just about everyone needs more self-confidence – the real, true, and impeccable self-confidence my ebook and course provide in order to be more successful and happy with their lives but my attitude in the past has been “If they want to lead below to mediocre lives…let them. Those who want and are ready to have better lives will find me.” That hasn’t been the right attitude and I’ve been shifting it and proceeding to work on my sales skills.

The Meaning of the 1,ooo Downloads

With the help of everyone who reads this post – I can reach a 1,000 downloads and achieve a major milestones in starting to get The Loop of Confidence (my passion and business) off the ground because it isn’t just about the downloads themselves.

The income from the 1,000 downloads is much needed and will go a long way towards the self-publishing of Develop and Flex Your Confidence Muscles and the marketing efforts for The Loop of Confidence.

I definitely want to make my 35th year the kickoff to my success in entrepreneurial/business endeavors!

I’ll keep everyone updated on the number of downloads via Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, updates on the number of downloads take 72 hours to post so I won’t know you downloaded the book for 3 days.

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