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Graduate School to the Rescue?!?

The last couple of weeks things have been “changing”… generally speaking, it’s been little changes in my reactions, thinking process, increase in interests and the most apparent manifestation has been in my comebacks and wittiness. At first I thought it was the additional carbs and calories in my diet that were providing more fuel for thinking power (it does sound ridiculous) but I know when I’m “different”, “off” or in this case “on”.

But then, I started coming up with too much “stuff”; like new ideas, questions, theories etc. And although I’m in the process of writing my first e-book that hasn’t helped negate what’s happening and in fact, might be making it worst.

Today, as I found myself entangled in various tangents, I realized what’s happening. My brain power is no longer tied up with school – it has been set free to roam.  For the last 18 months, I have been in school non-stop with a pretty heavy load; it was not straining but definitely occupying my mind. Now that the load has been lifted – I’m finding myself thinking, wondering, searching…tinkering – whatever you want to call it.

I have a very active mind and imagination. It’s why I’m entrepreneur; it’s why I body build in order to keep myself focused, occupied, “tasked”.  I don’t have ADD…well one of my sister’s would argue otherwise and may be she isn’t too far off…since I feel I have to keep my brain “loaded” in order to keep it from running rampant…

I might have to reconsider putting off Grad school until later.  I just might need to continue with school if things don’t pick up with the business.  Ideally, I’ll get rocking and rolling once my e-book is released and I’ll have a full plate to keep me satisfied – if not, I probably need to look into some classes again