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The End of Another Year

The End of Another Year

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At first glance on the Eve of my birthday it would seem like not all that much changed over the last year since September 7th, 2011 but that’s because the gazillions of changes that took place are not visible to the naked eye. My circumstances are indeed pretty much the same and today; they almost got the better of me – they almost broke my heart and made me cry…ALMOST but DID NOT because I am not the same person.  I will NOT pity myself. I will not allow the devil to paint a sad picture of my life.

God has worked too many miracles in my life in the past 12 months to begin to list them all…so if any tears are to be shed; let them be tears of joy to acknowledge His Glory. I won’t lie, I do wish He would have done more to change my circumstances but He is actively working in my life and I have full faith those changes are on the horizon.

God uses our circumstances to change us and I have allowed Him to mold me; no telling how much more molding there is still to do…been shocked by how much needed to be done in the first place!! 🙂 I don’t get carried away anymore by what I see – I am moved by what I cannot see.

The creative juices have been flowing full blast and I’ve been running up against the same exact wall each and every time – money. The beauty of creativity is having the ability to find the way up, around, under or through the wall. Although money seems to be the wall; it doesn’t mean it’s the answer. Time will tell what the answer is…in the meantime; I’m writing everything I’m being inspired by/with. The inspiration is God sent; I keep praying for guidance, He keeps sending me inspiration.

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God blessed me with some amazing gifts and I keep trusting once the time is right…I’ll get to use them to the extent He intended them to be used.

Anyways, here’s what wisdom I’ve concluded today – the only way to truly see how you’ve changed is to be in the same exact circumstances but react, act and be different. If my circumstances were different; I would not get to see as clearly as I did today how different I’ve become. The constant repeat of situations and circumstances have solidified the true changes in me. When tomorrow comes and I turn 35 – I will be stepping out of bed a wiser person filled with riches you simply cannot buy

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