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Back in the Game. The 2013 Master Plan

Back in the Game. The 2013 Master Plan

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I am hyped up people!!  If you started following my blog a few months ago – much of the journey you’ve been following was the one of me making my debut in Women’s Physique and qualifying to compete at Nationals. While training and competing remain pillars in my life and they are a big part of who I am; the core of who I am is an entrepreneur. I have the blood of an entrepreneur coursing through my veins…if you cut me, I bleed red, but pretty sure my blood clots into a business idea!

Yesterday I enjoyed a down day for my birthday but this morning I got up and was busy planning how I would spend the next year.

Back into the Entrepreneurial Game

Nothing in the world excites me or makes me happier than the thoughts of growing my very own business. I’ve been saying it for years; I will either succeed at it or die trying. I dream of the $100+ million empire that employs hundreds if not thousands of people and spans the entire globe.

I have my ambitions and my dreams, but at this time last year; I submitted my will to God so my life is committed to serving Him. What will ultimately be in my life is His plan for my life and I know in the end it will be what makes me the happiest. No one is saying my ambitions and dreams are not His plan; I’m simply stating His in charge.

He called me to be the Confidence Builder which is why I’m building my business around what He called me to do.  Every move I make and every step I take is being lead by God and not my blind ambitions. It brings me a lot more comfort, reassurance and trust in my actions knowing they are taken in alignment with what God planned for my life.

The 2013 Master Plan

Based on my inspirations, what I know and where I am at the moment, this morning I created what I call my “2013 Master Plan”, which is the plan for getting The Loop of Confidence into full gear. I outlined the plan in this fashion in order to identify my current road blocks, projects, interests and ideas.

The four main areas of focus are the production of a web series based on The Loop of Confidence, building on my current e-book Develop and Flex Your Confidence Muscles into a printed version and the release of a children’s book, booking a speaking tour at colleges across the country, and getting people into the Loop of Confidence course and 5 Keys to Raising Confident Kids. All roads lead to growing The Loop of Confidence to the point where I train other people to become Confidence Builder and the launch of a new website with community features integrated into it in order to support the people who have taken the course and are actively working on their self-confidence development.

Raising Funds

The biggest road block in the plan is money…so one of the streams in the plan is to raise some funds. I have attempted to do this before and failed. Back in 2006, I came up with and got working on a web startup called WhyGoSolo. I won’t get into too much into it, but working on WhyGoSolo lead to me having to do research on and prepare to pitch investors.  I met with some Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists. Long story short, I didn’t get funding. However, I did learn a lot and I’m going to apply what I learned to getting money this go round (assuming I still end up needing it – who knows what God will do).

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Aside from needing a cash infusion, everything else in the plan is already in motion in some way and for the most part, I have also already found the right people to help me. That makes this plan very doable!

What About Competing?

At this point, it is becoming more and more unrealistic for me to compete at Nationals in November.  I simply don’t have the money to do it.  I still don’t have money to pay my rent and take care of my basic needs so to add another $2-3,000 on top of it to compete is unrealistic.  I keep praying for my miracle that will allow me to compete but time is running out. I have had many miracles happen in my life the last year so I keep praying…just saying, it will take a miracle for me to be able to step on stage in November.

However, there is a whole other year of competing ahead in 2013 so fret not!!  I will end up back on stage to compete for my pro card next year.  No matter how busy I get with my plans, diet and training will be priorities.

I’m excited, happy and focused to see the start of dream coming together.  I’m glad you are all there for the journey – do buckle in!!

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