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Life Update: Radio and Sales

Life Update: Radio and Sales

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Fame, fortune and building an empire that will have an impact on peoples’ lives….what or what is the road to get there? Complete faith and trust in God. Check. Confidence in myself and ability to take risks and persevere. Check. A way to be heard and spread my message. Now In progress.

New Talk Show Host

Starting this Wednesday, October 3rd at 4pm CST on WGSO 990 AM I will be hosting a new talk show called “Get Tougher with the Confidence Builder”. Do not fret if you don’t live in the New Orleans area because you can listen live online at and you’ll be able to also watch me live via webcast as I broadcast on

The show is a boot camp to strengthen your mind and improve your attitude! I’m going to be bringing some tough love, straight talk and motivation to the air waves!!  I’m going to share my life experiences, bring in guests and welcome people to call in.  We are going to discuss topics ranging from self-confidence, self-awareness, self-discipline, overcoming adversity, dealing with confrontations, facing your fears, etc.

This is the ideal show for people stuck in a rut, looking for encouragement, a push in the right direction and motivation to get through the week.

Opportunity at a Cost. Taking another Risk.

I’m very excited to have this opportunity, granted I’m paying for it – it’s $800 a month for 4-5pm time slot.  That’s right, it’s crazy for my broke ass to take on something like this; but I did it because I believe in what can come of this show, all the incredible things and opportunities I can create.

Success DOES NOT come out of safety, security and certainty. It comes out of sacrifices and constantly putting yourself out there and taking risks – trusting in God and taking leaps of faith. Not my first risk, not my first leap; I crashed and burn in the past but I won’t allow the past to dictate my future. My past failures were learning experiences that I can now leverage to make this risk worth all that I’ve been through.

Get Good at Sales

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There’s no escaping what I so far have lacked the ability to do: sale.  I would really love to avoid doing any kinds of sale but I have cornered myself; my survival for the next few months is going to rely on my ability to SALE.  For you see, although I’m paying for the show, all the commercial time slots during the show are mine to sale…along with additional time slots outside of my show between 6am – 6pm on WGSO. Cold calls, emails and knocking on doors…it’s gotta get done.

Full Plate

So…for the next 3 months I must:

  1. Prep for weekly shows…to include booking guests.
  2. Do weekly show to include webcast for each show
  3. Sale all my commercial time slots
  4. Schedule and produce radio commercials for advertisers
  5. Promote the show to get a fabulous listeners and fans
  6. Maintain websites…all my websites
  7. Use the show to fill up my 5 Keys to Raising Confident Kids and Loop of Confidence Course
  8. Leverage the show to book speaking gigs and media appearances
  9. Keep training and getting ready for 2013 competition season

I always tell ya…buckle in.  I’ve got a seriously intense and busy 3 months ahead but this is how I like it.  This is the perfect way to end the year…to establish a strong base and foundation going into 2013.

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