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Walking out of the Valley

Walking out of the Valley

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In times of struggles turning to God seems for many to be the thing to do. However, in times of extended struggles and/or extreme struggles for many that’s when we turn away from God because we can’t understand how He would let this happen to us or to the people we love. We become plagued with the question “Why, God, Why?” We feel completely abandoned and forsaken.  We take actions in our own hands, we turn more towards people instead of God, and we direct our anger at God. I’ve been there…a few times.

This is the first time in my life that while my struggle has increased and persisted so has my reliance on God. The story of Joseph (son of Jacob) and his many years of hardship while never losing his faith brings me a lot of comfort. It has taught me to really appreciate and love my struggles and how to leverage them to deepen my relationship with God.

We were created in the image of God and his son Jesus…and while no human being is perfect; there is one human being Jesus, who walked the earth in perfection. He who came to teach us His ways by living and going through the same things we face day to day.  In all He does, God is working to lead us to live to the level of perfection He created us to be. To realize the intensity of our flawed and sinful natures is to understand why there is so much struggle in our lives and in our society.

What’s happening and not happening in my life right now are not adding up, but there are good things definitely starting to happen. I see myself walking out of the valley and into a promised mountain peak a truly changed person.  There’s still a thorn/heavy burden that every now and again I pick-up vice letting God carry it; even though I clearly know I cannot track up the mountain if I choose to carry the weight of that burden. That’s when I hear God say; lean more unto me, more trust, more faith…more letting go (or rather letting go again what I went and picked back up). In the mean time, I’ve continued to grow more patient, forgiving, and less critical.

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I’ve said this before…when God is really at work in your life things are not going to add up, make sense or be logical.  All I keep reminding myself to do is to believe, have faith, pray and obey.

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