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Stay True To Who You Are…

Stay True To Who You Are…

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…And watch others shed their true colors. This morning I gave thanks to the Lord for making me strong in who I am and allowing being true to who I am to unveil someone who approached me under false pretenses.

It really didn’t take long for him to unravel and to start making all kinds of wrong conclusions and accusations. I have absolutely nothing to prove or disprove.  I believe everyone is allowed their own thoughts, opinions and points of views. Anything mean, derogatory, or bad said to me or about me; does absolutely nothing to me. I know my truths. I know who I am. I love who I am.

As a woman, an attractive woman, I have lost count of how many time men have stepped up to me asking for my help or offering to help me under false pretenses.  In the past, I have fallen for it. I have gotten hurt by it but I have learned and grown from it.  While I am compassionate and I empathize with people; I do not have a bleeding heart anymore.  I will not help anyone at the cost of my mental, physical or emotional health.

Also, no matter how dire my situation might get at times – I have found all the strength, help and guidance I need in God and in my friends and family. I am complete.  I am true to who I am.  I don’t need strangers to tell me how to lead my life or what decisions I need to make.

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The challenge is to remain calm and at peace. God has taken care of this situation so there is no need for me to get angry or mad. It’s still very much in me – the ability to crush and destroy anyone who crosses me and put them in their place, but I realize there is absolutely no point in it and nothing good ever comes of it.

Where there is light, darkness cannot prevail.

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