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Life Update: Back in Uniform…Temporarily

Life Update: Back in Uniform…Temporarily

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Where to begin? Over the last couple of months, as much as I’ve wanted and worked for my life to take a certain route; things just haven’t been playing out the way I’ve been planning them.  Unfortunately, that’s nothing new in my life. I’ve been quiet about it all because I was working through my feelings, emotions and adjusting my perspective.

As I was working through everything, I also had to start getting real and making some tough decisions. I know what I love, I know what I’m called to do and I know what I want to be doing…however, thus far, it has yet to become financially feasible.  So when an opportunity presented itself for me to take ADOS orders for a few months starting in January, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity.   For the month of December, while not on orders yet (drilling Tuesdays and Thursdays); I will be doing my turnover in preparation to becoming the Force Headquarters Group (FHG) G-6.

Putting the uniform back on always requires some adjustments since the ins and outs of my days are very different then what I’m used to.  It also requires a bit of a mindset shift since Major Bernard – isn’t quite the same as Ann Bernard: Confidence Builder, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Radio Talk Show Host.

While I’m returning to “Active Duty” status for a few months, I’m still planning on continuing to pursue the many things that I’ve been planning and working hard to achieve. Thankfully, I have recruited two great interns who are helping me and I’ll keep growing the team to help out. There is a lot to be done and accomplished in 2013!! Pretty much from the time I wake-up to the time I go to bed, 7 days a week; I’ll be going non-stop. It’s much easier to live that way when you love what you do and find purpose in everything you do.

Confidence Builder (Loop of Confidence):  I will be adding new dates for Loop of Confidence courses to be held in the evening via webinar in the New Year.

Motivational Speaking/College Tour:  In mid to late 2013, I plan on being on the road touring college campuses and speaking to students about self-confidence development.

Get Tougher with the Confidence Builder (Radio Show): In the month of December, my show will continue to air but at 5PM instead of 4PM CST.  In January, my show will move to 7PM CST – not entirely sure which evening yet, either Monday or Thursday.

Start the Year with a Canned Do Attitude:  I’m also planning a major event in February as a Food Drive for Second Harvest Food Bank called Start the Year with a Canned Do Attitude.

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Competing:  My first competition for 2013 will be NPC JR USA’s May 18th in North Charleston, SC.

Talk Show for T.V. and Web:  In January/February, I will also be going into production to expand from radio to T.V.

I’m not ending 2012 or starting 2013 as planned, but I’m not allowing any of it to deter me from my ultimate goals and vision.

I wish I had some wisdom to pass along that would better explain why things are what they are. But I don’t. What matters is keeping a positive attitude and outlook. I’m a result oriented person and in the past, I allowed not getting the results I wanted (disappointment) to really get me down and impact my mood and behavior.  Even as recent as a year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to take things in stride the way I can now.  That’s progress and new growth. Being constantly shaped, molded and tested.

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