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Some Professional Advice: Have a Bio at the Ready

Some Professional Advice: Have a Bio at the Ready

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My life is insanely busy right now with everything I’m working on and have coming up but do you know what is officially the most aggravating, frustrating and annoying aspect of my life at the moment…and remember I’m dieting but it isn’t dieting – it’s other peoples’ bios or more specifically lack of bios!!

Between the radio show and the event I’m planning in February called Start the Year with a Canned Do Attitude I keep finding myself asking people for bios and let me tell ya…

  1. Very few people have gotten me a GOOD, worth using bio.
  2. Some people have sent me bios I’ve had to re-work – like a bio written in the first person and bio with sentences that made no sense.
  3. Way too many people don’t even bother sending me bio and for the radio show in order to be able to introduce them properly, I have to go digging up information on them.
  4. Some people have sent me links to their info expecting ME to put together their bio.

Let me just say that if you are a professional, don’t care what industry you’re in, you need to have a bio that is updated at the ready, like you have a resume at the ready. Second, you need to review your bio before sending it out to make sure it is best suited for whoever is asking for it. Third, send it in a TIMELY fashion. No one wants to have to track you down for YOUR information. Everyone is busy and if someone is asking YOU for YOUR bio they are more than likely doing YOU a favor by promoting YOU in some way so don’t end up on their bad side.

Want to be taken seriously? Want to come across as a professional? Want be re-booked and referred to others? Have a bio ready and send it out within 12 hours of being asked for it.

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  • That’s great advice, thanks for the tip Ann! I know I’ve been caught more than once realizing the reason someone who was introducing me was not working with information I provided them was because I just didn’t give them a proper bio for myself. I think that can get in the way of your goals to establish yourself as a thought leader or industry expert, which is usually the point of doing speaking engagements in the first place.

  • You really nailed it Jameson. It’s up to us individually to control the information that is out there on us/about us in order to maximize the impact and results you get from it. If you get an opportunity to promote yourself and what you do; you want it to be the most meaningful…it’s not like it’s easy to get opportunities so always put your best foot forward. If you can’t do it for yourself – you can’t expect someone else to do it for you.

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