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First Life Update of 2013: Work and Life

First Life Update of 2013: Work and Life

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Three weeks into the New Year and this is my first update…had a rough start to my year and then it got (remains) insanely busy.  I woke up sick as a dog on Christmas day.  It took at good 8 days for me to feel well enough to return to the gym, and an additional 10 or so days for me to really be back to 100%. In 2+ years, this was the first time I was out of the gym for more than 1-2 days.  I can’t remember the last time I had been so sick.

Work and Life

On January 3rd, I checked-in to carry out my six month orders as the G-6 for Force Headquarters Group at Marine Forces Reserves (MFR) here in New Orleans.  While I thought I had a slight idea what I was getting myself into – it turned out I didn’t have a clue.  Since checking-in, it’s been non-stop getting myself up to speed on what’s happened in the Communication field the last ten years, the process and procedures for getting things done in MFR, establishing myself as the new “Sheriff in Town”, and figuring out whose who, whats what, and just how much hasn’t been done and remains to be done.  All that while dealing with different personalities, lack of communication/commander’s intent and a total and complete misunderstanding as to why God has put me in the middle of all that…again.

Last week my frustrations were starting to really mount so I turned more and more to prayers to find answers.  Finally, I got answers.

I Serve Only One Entity

There are many reasons why I decided to work for myself, one primary reason being I got tired of working for people I considered idiots, morons and/or bad leaders. Being part of a chain of command again confirmed why I aim to work for myself but I knew focusing on my dislike of having to answer to other people when I know that’s not what I want would not lead me to a solution or the ability to cope with my circumstances.

The Holy Spirit reminded me I serve only one entity – GOD. It really doesn’t matter what others ask of me who are my bosses because I serve only one boss: God. God expects my best in all I do, all the time…so no matter how I feel about who I work for or the work I have to do; it doesn’t matter, I’m asked by God to constantly give it my best.  It’s easy to give your best when you love what you do and are surrounded by people you get along with – totally different when you aren’t in love with what you do and not in charge.

I’ve once again been afforded an opportunity to build my character having to give a 110% to what I’m doing while what I WANT to be doing and love suffers for it.

More Trusting – Greater Faith

I’ve grown as a Christian and in my Spirituality the last couple of years, which is how I’m able to be doing what I’m doing right now while fully trusting it will lead to what I want and desire to be doing.  I’ve learned to really trust God and have complete Faith in Him; things just don’t make sense until they make sense. I know God called me to be The Confidence Builder and placed a big vision/mission in my heart and soul, so I’m done questioning how He plans on bringing it to pass.  Also done worrying whether or not He will in fact set it up to be fulfilled.

Don’t get me wrong, every day I have to remind myself of all the things I’ve mentioned (written above) in order to be the best person I can be – it’s hard, tough and heart breaking to not be doing what I love.  It’s hard to read posts from people that go something like “Thank you God, feeling blessed I get to do what I love and get paid for it.” I’m happy for those people and happy they realize how blessed they are and I do not allow the thoughts of “why not me” to pollute my spirit.  Instead I remind myself God is working in my life and my time/blessings will come.

The Other Work and Life

This is my first blog post of the year…not just on this blog but period.  I do need to get blogging more regularly – here and on The Loop of Confidence Blog.  Time and brain power most allow for it.  I really do want to get back to blogging a few times a week.

See Also

I will be returning to the airwaves in February.  Starting in February, people will be able to wake-up to my voice every Saturdays at 8 am CST on WGSO 990 AM, on the Tune-in App and online at

I pray time allows for me to forge ahead with making the various TV episodes for the Ann Bernard Show.

Open to Love

For some reason, in the middle of the insanity that is my life right now, I’ve been thinking about love, romance and having the right man in my life as I keep forging ahead in my life.  I’m way too busy to even think about dating but if the right man showed up – I know I’m ready to make room for him in my life.

Training and Diet

Will write a separate blog post for this update!

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