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Born Again: Hitting The Reset Button

I get a monthly email from a credit score tracking company with my current credit score, current activities and they also provide email notices if anything changes with my credit score. Signing-up with them obviously required a Username and Password which of course, overtime, I forgot and was unable to retrieve via the automated system.  Long story short, while plenty of notices came in – I didn’t get to login and check what they were about (yes, defeating the whole purpose for paying for this service in the first place).  However, I had noticed an increased in credit card applications coming in via regular mail.

So last weekend, I finally made a call to the service desk in order to retrieve my username and password and logged in to check on my credit score.  I was pleasantly surprised and relieved to see what it was!

In early Spring 2008, I had to move out of my townhouse due to a foreclosure, my credit cards were maxed out and creditors were hassling me on a weekly basis. In 2009, I proceeded to get some of my financial footing back but it shortly got shot back to hell.

I’ve talked about it before and will probably never stop saying it – it wasn’t until I was born again that everything in my life started getting back on track. Once I turned the reigns over to God and allowed Him to take charge of my life; He proceeded to clean up every aspect of my life.  Some of the positive outcomes in a variety of areas became more obvious faster…while in some other areas, it took longer for me to see/realize how He guided me to take care of them.

Since turning my life over to God…in only 3 short years He has healed my relationship with my family, guided me to get my BS Degree, lead me to be in the best shape of my life, healed my anger and depression, reset my financial status; He has matured me and provided me with wisdom, understanding, grace, and forgiveness.  My faith has grown by leaps and bounds.

Life hasn’t been a cake walk these last 3 years and sometimes I still struggle.  I’ve been putting in A LOT of hard work and I’m not clear where this will all lead me but I fully trust the Lord and His plan for my life.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned these last few months is to be grateful.  To keep looking at what I have instead of what’s missing. To look at how I’ve changed and grown…not on where I thought I would be by now.  To stay focus on the “who” not the “where”.   This is how I was able to see how much work God has been doing in my life by resetting everything I had screwed up when I was being lead by my ego and flesh.

About a year ago I taped a piece of paper to my computer that says “God is working in my life”.  I read that saying at least once a day, but for the most part; I don’t see it manifesting itself everyday…however, when I look at the big picture I can totally see how much God is working in my life.

There is still ample of work for me to do, issues to resolve and areas where I need to change/improve but that doesn’t bother me at all anymore.  God is working in my life, leading me, providing for me and pacing everything according to what I need and can handle while leaning on His strength.

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