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God: Author of My Love Life?

God: Author of My Love Life? Ready for me to explain that crazy title? It all started about two weeks ago…I was on leave in Massachusetts for my sister’s wedding (had a really wonderful and much needed relaxing time) where I decided to take some time to read some books.  I’ve been making a full switch in my Christian walk.  I listen mostly to Christian music and I have been focusing more on reading Christian books.  I’ve noticed the more I commit my life to my Christian walk the less appealing the things become in the secular world.  (I also realize I need to remove some pictures and other things from my own website which I don’t necessarily want to make public anymore…)

Anyway, I’ve never been a relationship person…and I have certainly NEVER been one to read relationship books so why it is I found myself downloading “When God Writes Your Love Story” by Eric and Leslie Ludy and “Finally the Bride” by Cheryl McKay to my Kindle is beyond me.

As if downloading the books wasn’t bad enough, I found myself thoroughly enjoying both books and realizing just how much I’ve been missing in the few relationships I’ve had. I have completely turned my life over to God so to me, that clearly also means my love life…that is, the lack thereof. Although, makes sense based on the many changes that have occurred in my life that meeting a man hasn’t been added to the mix…but what about now?

What am I doing reading books about relationships when I never would have considered it before? Why am I learning the real meaning of a God lead Romance, Relationship and Marriage?

Reading those two books made me realize my absolute lack of interest in relationships and marriage had a lot to do with the type of relationships I’ve been exposed to/that exist in our society. I’m not at all interested in the shallow, physical, empty and unfulfilling relationships that run rampant today. Even before God entered my life, I knew I rather be single then be with a man I didn’t respect, admire, and cherished. I had given up I would ever find such a man.  I was right in giving up because I can’t find him…only God can find him!

I have much renewed hope now in true romance and I can imagine myself walking down the aisle, committing myself to marriage and even changing my last name but ONLY for the man God has picked out for me. Only for God’s best…if that’s what He has planned for me.

Being that I’ve been single pretty much all my life and have lacked interest up until now in relationships…I’m not entirely sure if God is calling me to marriage or a life of singleness. He is igniting a desire in my heart that has only been present in rare moments in the past. Of course, I’m not overlooking the fact He is igniting this desire at a time when He’s cleared everything else out of my life that once kept me from even considering entering a relationship. I used to be so goal oriented and focused on my dreams and ambitions there was no room in my life for romance, love and a relationship.

I believe now nothing is more beautiful, amazing and incredible as a God written Love Story and yes, I would love my own. It would be an incredible blessing if God was in the process of writing my love story.  Thankfully, the two books I’ve read have prepared me for it…to include keeping my eyes and focus on Him while He does what He does.

I’m embarking on so many brand new fronts!

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