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First Call in Time of Help

First Call in Time of Help

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As I was doing triceps extension in the gym this morning, the sun shined through the window and I began to feel a sense of urgency to get my workout done. I wanted to hit the trail with my bike while the sun was still out. I hurried back to the hotel, changed over into my new gear I bought yesterday so I could ride and not freeze my feet, hands and well…my butt off.

Didn’t take long I was pedaling off base and into the woods.  I love the circuit of trails that are easily accessible from base.  They lead to small German villages, incredible open fields and beautiful views; a true joy to explore, albeit a bit risky when it comes to getting lost. I always take my phone with me, for Google maps which surprisingly has most of the trails mapped out and also for emergency in case my bike breaks, I get hurt…etc.

As it were today, I ended up stuck in the mud with my chain locked up.  I back tracked out of the mud and I tried to fix my chain for awhile with no luck.  It was really stuck and I couldn’t even figure out how one part got to where it was. I broke out my phone to figure out where I was…while I was looking at a 14 minute bike ride back to base it was a 41 minute walk back.

Funny thing as I looked at my phone, for the first time in a long time I actually knew there was someone I could call who wouldn’t think twice about coming to help me. I could call MGySgt Ward. I can’t say I’ve ever known someone so willing to go out of his way to look out for Marines and take care of anyone in any situation. I wouldn’t even have my bike if it wasn’t for him…and I love my bike!

I’ve spent my adult life single and living away from my family.  I don’t make friends very easily because quite frankly, I’m an introvert that much rather be alone lost in my own thoughts. I’ve prayed to have that special person in my life but so far, God hasn’t introduced him to me, so I either take care of myself, wait on God to provide or I go without. I don’t have a network of friends to turn to and my family members are thousands of miles away.

In time of emergency though I never worry, I know I’m always taken care of. I took great comfort in knowing I could dial for help but my first call is always to God. I put my phone away and walked farther up the trail where there was a fence.  I leaned my bike against the fence and asked God to help me fix the chain. This time it didn’t take long for me to figure out how to fix it…I was back on my bike for the 14 minute ride back to base.

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The experience made me wonder if I would take for granted calling on God first to help me with all my needs, hiccups and emergencies if I’d always had a handful of other people to lean on for help?  God should be our first choice, not the answer if we have no other choice.

Who do you call first?

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