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A Simple Wave

A Simple Wave

A simple wave, a wild imagination and a hunger for love and romance – sometimes I wish I were the one writing my love story. Back in August of last year, I wrote a blog post called God: Author of my Love Life in which I said “I believe now nothing is more beautiful, amazing and incredible as a God written Love Story and yes, I would love my own.” I do believe God can and will do a better job than me but a simple wave today had me composing how I would ignite my love story all day long…and it had me all kinds forgetful and distracted.

It started about a week and half ago, I was at Medical to get my annual physical done…I was personally in no hurry to get this done but since my name popped on the hit list for medical readiness, I’ve been getting weekly reminders from the good MGuns to get this done.  Anyway, I was sitting in an office waiting to go in to take my hearing test when the Sergeant came out to tell me I could proceed into the next room. As I was getting up to walk into the next room, this tall and handsome guy walked out. Almost walked into him. Our eyes met and we exchanged quick smiles.

Patch and Panzer are full of Special Forces (SF) guys, I see them in the gym all the time and perhaps while on missions they blend in, but on actual Military Installations they stick out like sore thumbs and this guy was definitely a SF guy.

So he caught my attention but not sure what woman’s attention he wouldn’t catch. Went in to take my hearing test and then headed out to make my way back to Panzer, except I got blocked by school buses for almost 10 minutes trying to leave the parking lot. When I was finally able to go, I decided I might as well go get gas.  Well…guess who was at the gas station?!

There’s something about being attracted to someone and having the desire to get to know them that just makes you feel giddy and alive. We exchanged glances again and I knew I somehow had caught his attention.  There was definitely something about him.  He was more approachable…friendly then just about all other SF guys I’ve encountered, not just here but in my career. He stood behind me in line while I paid and I wanted to just turn around and say something to him…but I didn’t.  I drove off…thinking about him but not having done anything about it.

I’ve made the first move with too many guys…my love story is with a man who knows how to be a confident man, risk rejection and approach me by making the first move.

By the time I got back to work that day, he had become a distant memory because another thing I’ve noticed about SF guys…you see them around base for a short while and then you don’t.

This morning I had to go back to medical to get fasted blood work done, so by the time I’d returned and was walking back to work, it was way off the regular time I normally head to work. Shortly after I crossed the street by the hotel, a car drove by that I recognized (well of course, I paid attention to what he was driving) and I spotted him, he spotted me, he waved and I waved back.

A split second later, I was wondering “WTF”. I recognized him, he recognized me…he waved. Guys don’t wave like he had just done.  Who was this guy? Would I run into him again? If I do run into him again, will he talk to me? Who is this guy? WTF?

Once the questions subsided and I had exhausted replaying each short encounter we’ve had (I sound like either a hopeless romantic or desperate chic based on that statement) I began writing the next potential sequences of events in my head (for the rest of the day, while trying to write a COOP plan, needless to say, it was rough), under the assumption of course, that he in fact feels the same attraction and desire to know more about who I am. The one I like best goes like this.

Since he actually has knowledge of my last name, rank and that I’m in the Marine Corps (because each time we’ve seen each other I was in uniform and I expect him to have a keen sense of observation and situational awareness…aren’t all SF guys trained to have both!?!) He could easily Google: “Major Bernard, U.S. Marine” and get a lead on my first name since a few articles related to the pull-up videos I’ve done come up using those keywords (and yes, I’ve tested it. Give me a break here – gotta make this fantasy somewhat believable).

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Next, once he has my full name…he can frankly pretty much get most of my life’s story (at this point to include reading about himself).  Assuming that doesn’t scare him away and as it were, it doesn’t in my fantasy (duh); he weights his option on how to contact me. Based on the fact he saw me walking close to the Panzer Hotel, his next assumption would be I’m staying there.  A phone call to the Hotel would confirm said assumption pretty quickly. So based on today’s fantasy, I would return to a voice mail on my room phone with a message from him asking if I would be interested in being at the same place, at the same time on purpose on Friday night. (In case it needs to be said, that did not happen)

Not sure how God is supposed to top that one.  Okay…one other scenario had him walking in at church on Sunday and deciding to come to sit with me. God could run that play but that would require me to go to church on Sunday instead of a bike ride…perhaps it will be raining Sunday!

Let me end this post by saying these two things.

1. I’m in the process of writing a book…which revolves around a love story so these types of scenarios are running rampant in my head because of it.

2. I undoubtedly…but not desperately no matter how this post makes it seem otherwise, am interested in love entering my life.

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