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Day Trip to Heidelberg

Sitting at home during the weekends makes absolutely no sense when there are so many places close by to go see on a day trip! It’s easy to find a destination too – I just need to talk to people at work who have been here for a few months and they are full of recommendation; one them being Heidelberg.

Heidelberg Castle Ruins

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when I got there since I didn’t do any research online except to get an address for my GPS. I ended up pleasantly surprised. I love the way the German town/cities I’ve visited so far are laid out – it’s always so pretty and scenic. The castle of course sits on the high ground of the city overlooking the buildings in the old town and river Neckar below. I lucked out with another sunny and gorgeous day.

The castle is in ruins but still amazing to see. I was surprised to find a Pharmacy museum which I toured and learned quite a lot from. Did not realize how old aspirin actually was or that its creator was German. There’s a restaurant on the castle ground where I enjoyed a delicious bowl of potato soup. Starting to learn and partake more in the stable foods of pork and potatoes enjoyed by the Germans.

Heidelberg Pharmacy Museum

I went on a Sunday but none the less many restaurants were open once I made my way down to the old town. None of the shops were open, but people were starting to congregate to eat; outdoor tables were set and occupied.

I wondered around the old town and to the bridge just enjoying how pretty the scenery was but as it was starting to get more crowded, I headed back. I’ll be adding my recommendation to new people coming in to make sure they also add Heidelberg to their list of day trips.

View of Old Town Heidelberg