One of My Heart’s Desire – To Travel

Back in the day…when I tried my hand at online dating after coming back from Okinawa I had “Love to Travel” on my profile – identifying I was seeking a man who needed to have a love for venturing out on adventures and visiting distant lands. I’d spent the previous three years exploring South East Asia and couldn’t imagine not seeing more of the world.

Online dating turned out to be totally wrong for me, but what made me think of my online dating profile statement is the irony that I spent almost a full decade doing no traveling when it was definitely something I loved to do. Instead, I was on a roller coaster ride of starting and failing at businesses and relationships, losing everything and becoming undone – followed by finding, establishing, and growing the most important relationship in my life with Jesus Christ, becoming a new person and then achieving goals like stepping on stage to compete in Women’s Physique and graduating from college.

I often thought about how much I missed traveling; my world felt so small and restricted during those years. From the summer of 2005, when I returned from Iraq, to October 2013, when I finally boarded a plane to Stuttgart, Germany; I never took a real vacation/time off or went anywhere. Okay, yes, I did move to New Orleans in January 2009, but it was for work, and New Orleans became home not a travel destination.

Last week, when I was riding my bike around Lake Constance in complete bliss, I spent time reflecting on how good God is and how blessed I am to be traveling again. It was etched on my heart to travel once more and it turned out to be in alignment with God’s will for my life right now to do so. I’m truly grateful and focused on treasuring every opportunity I’m presented to travel my little heart out!

Stein am Rhein

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