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Prague: Czech it Out

Prague: Czech it Out

The first time I remember someone talking about going to Prague was 15 years ago, I was a young Second Lieutenant working in the Headquarters Battalion S-3 shop, while awaiting the start of Comm School. The Captain I was doing some work with was telling me about her perspective on life, and how it really got better for her now that she was in her mid-30s, particularly when it came to being able to travel. She had recently returned from Prague, in the Czech Republic (at the time we had the chat, I had more images of what Czechoslovakia might have been like then was she described) and she was gushing over what a fabulous mixture of history, beauty and hip, renaissance, vibrant city it was. I made a mental note to make it there someday…and also hoped my life would get better in my 30s!

Now that I’m in Germany, and that Prague is at the top of everyone’s list when discussing where to go for a long weekend, it made sense to go during Memorial weekend.

I booked a room at Hotel Hoffmeister & Spa, based on what I read about it, the location seemed good, they had parking and allowed pets. It was a good choice, I enjoyed my stay there. The day I arrived, the weather was dreadful, so I took advantage of the spa and enjoyed a delicious meal at their restaurant. Additionally, since I hadn’t made any plans for what to actually do during my stay, I grabbed many of the fliers they had available, jumped online, and started figuring out what I should do and see.

Images of Prague

I ended up only booking one thing; a concert at the Prague Castle. A violinist and pianist managed to bring me to tears as they played a selection of various classical pieces. After the moving concert, I stepped next door and enjoyed lunch, which included the most delicious tomato soup I’d ever eaten, sitting on a terrace with an amazing view and felt incredibly blessed. My day had started out exploring the Castle grounds, which are a lot bigger than I’d expected, so after lunch I continued just wondering around. Eventually I made my way into what’s considered “New Town” and explored some more, I had no specific destinations in mind. I found a restaurant for dinner and then returned to the Hotel.

Concert at Prague Castle

The following day, I got an early start to explore the “Old Town”. Just crossing the Charles Bridge takes awhile in order to fully absorb the views. The sights and views in Prague are incredible. It is so easy to see why it’s a go to destination in Europe. I enjoyed wondering around the streets of Old Town, but it quickly got crowded. By the time I made it to the Astronomical Clock, the square was full of people. I was tired, so I found a place to sit, eat and people watch.

Old Town Prage

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I spent the rest of day doing more wondering about and simply taking in the essence of Prague. I stopped in a few shops to admire the glass work available for sale, and wished I had a home to bring something back to. Eventually, I went back to the hotel to get Little Man and took him to the park, so he too could enjoy what Prague had to offer. It was a beautiful sunny day, people were out walking their dogs, jogging, rollerblading and simply laying out on the grass reading. Given the opportunity, I wouldn’t hesitate to move to Prague; to me it’s that kind of place. For dinner, I found a café  and sat outside with my journal. I spent a couple of hours just sitting, writing and imaging life as a resident of Prague.


I was sad to leave…there was so much I hadn’t seen and done, but I was also extremely grateful I got to be in a city where I was able to be awed, able to relax and able to feel at home.

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