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New Apartment and Sanity

New Apartment and Sanity

It was my reality therefore I accepted it and lived with it. That’s how I made it 11 months and 24 days living in a hotel room. I didn’t like it…I even hated it many times. I was limited in space, ability to cook and minimized to an existence of work and hotel room stays. It tested my sanity.

Thankfully I’m finally moved out! Today was my first full day in my new place. It’s a short drive to work but a full world away. I prepped meals for the first time in over a year, and I sat on my patio on a gorgeous fall day writing this post. Last night, I had dinner with my downstairs neighbor at her place with the landlord (German National), his wife, 3 months old baby and upstairs neighbor. It was a nice social interaction that took place because I was finally freed from the confines of the hotel room.

I moved twice in 2008…out of the townhouse I foreclosed on to a rented bedroom in a house in Alexandria, and from there to a wonderful furnished apartment in the French Quarter in New Orleans. The apartment in New Orleans was the kind of place I’d always imaged myself living in. However, six months and a fiancee later, I moved again to a bigger apartment in the FQ but this time; I had my furniture delivered from Virginia. I bought a few additional pre-owned items to complete everything we needed. It was good living. Unfortunately, the fiancee, wanted to move to another area in the city – a year or so later; I was moving again. I didn’t like the new place all that much but made due. In the 2+ years I lived there, it eventually grew on me. It was definitely a unique place with the tall ceilings and shotgun concept. When I left to come to Germany; I sold everything and only kept the most important items/things I owned safely kept in a storage facility (where they still are today).

I didn’t expect to spend a year in a hotel room when I accepted my first set of orders. Anyway, when I received my second set of orders which finally allowed me to move out; I didn’t waste any time finding a place. Finding a furnished place would have made the most sense but I wasn’t having any luck and I didn’t have much time to make this move happen. The Panzer Hotel (after being there for so long) was kicking me out October 20th. To avoid moving into another temporary place and having to move twice – I had to find a place by the deadline. I expanded my search to include unfurnished.Bathroom

There’s a good deal of freedom of movement when you don’t own anything sizable. The original plan was to return to the U.S. with the four suitcases I came here with (plus a bike and a car purchased over the last year) and once I figured where to live; I would then go ahead and invest in re-establishing my household.

A new bedroom set, couch, dining room table, and entertainment center and much needed area rugs later…the plan has clearly changed. The more I look around, the more things I want to buy and the greater my desire to make this place feel like home. The last bedroom set I bought cost me a little over $600 when I was 19 or 20 years old. I had it until I gave it away around this time last year. Not being where I expected to be a year later is when my trust in the Lord comes heavily into play that He knows best and this is part of His plan.

I’ve felt like an unsettled nomad searching for both a place to call home and my identity in this world for over a decade now and this place is only making an unscratched itch…itchier. Walking through the setup rooms in the furniture stores (XXXL Gamedinger and Hofmeister was like walking through versions of lives I could be living. Except I’m the girl who doesn’t know where I’m going next or what I’ll be doing.

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Furniture is literally designed to match preferences, identity and lifestyles. It reflects our lives; how and where we’ve lived, along with how we see ourselves. Without adding the items I still have in storage (the things that mean the most to me); this place can only capture who I am now and how I see my future self.

What I’ve discovered about myself so far through my shopping is that colors are important to me, I want to keep it bright. This place has a lot of natural light which I love. I was drawn to the more minimalist approach to furnishing rooms. Not into the full modern style…I straddle the line between modern and traditional. I definitely like German/European style furniture.

I have a few more things I plan on buying but I realize at some point I have to accept the fact this is another temporary place.

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