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Impromptu Date With A Stranger

Impromptu Date With A Stranger

I’ve had a few spontaneous moments in my life…more so I guess in my younger years. My younger self was more opened, naïve and less prepared, which opened opportunities for the unknown and unplanned to sweep me away into fun and unpredictable times. On Thursday, the first time in a long time, while in Paris, circumstances aligned for an impromptu date with a stranger. I arrived in Paris late…having slept a few extra hours than planned, so I was in a bit of a frenzy to check-in the hotel, change, and find my way to the Moulin Rouge, the area where I planned to grab some dinner before the show.

After exiting the Metro stop, I was walking while looking down at Google maps on my phone when someone told me to be careful (cars were coming and I was about to step off the sidewalk). I looked up and started talking with the guy who offered me the warning about the dangers of using the phone while in traffic. I mentioned I was looking at directions. Once I told him where I was heading, he told me to follow them; they were heading that way. We continued to chat (so nice to be somewhere where I can speak the language) and eventually arrived to the Moulin Rouge, where Brian with whom I’d been talking said he had to head in to work, but recommended that I go to dinner with his friend. I laughed and replied it was odd to have a stranger introduce me, and vouch for another stranger…but hey; I had nothing to lose, so I agreed.

We walked a ways further and sat outside at one of the Brasserie. It was a nice night. After asking what I wanted to eat and drink; he ordered for both of us, and we engaged in some conversation about life, different cultures and dating. He was a nice guy. Just turned 40, had a steady job, owned his house, took his vacation every year at the same place, played soccer in an adult league, and was clearly looking for a relationship to complete his life. He commented on there not being girls like me around. I don’t know what impression I gave him because while I was opened to this impromptu date; I’m unfortunately still just as shallow as the girls he described. Under normal circumstance, it’s very unlikely he and I would have ended up on a date. I’m not a partyer, that’s true. I like the simple and finer things in life, but I’m still looking for a certain type of guy.

I’m still looking for the guy like the one from the gym who captured my attention and made my body come alive with desire for him. He was very attractive, tall, muscular, dirty blonde with green eyes. He was also making serious eye contact with me. This is the kind of guy that makes me stutter, makes me feel nervous and alive. That’s what it boils down to really; it’s all about feeling alive in world of responsibilities, stress, and routines.

The impromptu date was a unique experience that was fun because it wasn’t planned or expected…under normal circumstances, he wasn’t a guy I would date because there was no chemistry. Yes, I’m 37 and still single, but I haven’t given up on chemistry. I haven’t given up on what makes me feel excited about seeing someone and being around him, which is why I did not reach out to him again over the weekend. He wanted to meet up again, and was flexible to anything I wanted to do, but being alone wondering the streets of Paris was more enticing then spending time with a guy that made me feel…well, nothing.

It is unfortunate the impromptu date with a stranger in Paris did not end in a French fairytale love story.

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