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Preparing for Morocco: Part I Fitness

Preparing for Morocco: Part I Fitness

My Trip to Morocco is fast approaching!  While I have been trying to find some time to prepare for next weekend’s trip to Venice for Carnival, however, it’s actually more important that proper attention and preparation is focused on my upcoming mountain biking excursion. I still need to get my leave approved which requires me to submit additional paperwork (must get it done before Thursday), and I have to book my train ticket to the airport…but those are not the more pressing details.

I will be mountain biking between 25-50 miles a day during this trip while living amongst locals and/or in a tent.  Unless I ensure I’m in proper shape to make it through and have the right equipment with me; I’m going to have a miserable time!!

Mountain Biking Shape

Last week I was only able to make it to the gym once. That’s not going to cut it to get me in shape to mountain bike for 6 days.

  • Day 1: 50 miles
  • Day 2: 40 miles
  • Day 3: 35 miles
  • Day 4: 25 miles
  • Day 5: 52 miles
  • Day 6: 20 miles

On my trip around Lake Constance last May, I biked about the same distances each day (a little less) but it was all flat. Besides it being all flat, I was on my own, taking it at my own pace. I could stop whenever I wanted and rest if I needed. I’m not sure who the other people are who signed-up for the same trip, or what kind of shape they’re in, and therefore, what the pace will be. I don’t expect it to be out of my league.  Ultimately, those factors really don’t matter as much as being able to be in the saddle pedaling for hours at a time without getting exhausted.

I need to make sure I have built up the endurance and I’m prepared to endure “the saddle.” I’m not bringing my bike with me so I have no clue how comfortable the seat of my rental will be.

The goal is to train so the ride isn’t as much of a challenge. Instead, I want to be able to focus on enjoying being out there in the wide open space, absorbing all that my new environment has to offer and get rejuvenated by spending a week outdoors.

Pedal, Sprint, Run, Pedal, Row and Pedal Some More

This week and upon my return from Venice, the focus will be on pedaling…both for duration, endurance and sprints. I won’t just be spending time on the bike, spin bike that is, since it’s too cold and icy to break out my mountain bike and hit the trails. But I also plan on running, and rowing to help develop the endurance, and power bursts I’ll need to get up the hills.

I’ll have to find the time and energy no matter how hectic and draining my work schedule is. It does make it easier to get the training in, when I know it’s for something specifics.

A Little Less Weights

Of course, I’ll also keep hitting the weights but will probably cut it down to 3 may be 4 times a week; will keep it higher reps and more super-setting. Since I have no plans on competing again, I don’t worry about maintaining muscle mass these days. I’m much more focused on keeping my strength and continuing to develop greater endurance. I’ll be spending most of the summer outdoors mountain biking or hiking, so I might as well start adjusting now.

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Yoga and Body Weight Exercises

Speaking of adjusting…I’ve been more deliberate about stretching and it’s made a HUGE difference. I plan on hiring a yoga instructor for some at home sessions. I really do want to get more into yoga.

I also know there are some excellent benefits to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and body weight exercises…so I’m going to put together some workouts I can easily do on the road, or wherever I find myself. I’ve been used to going to gyms and again, it’s time for me to adapt to some new environments based on the various new things I want to be more involved in.

Will be keeping everyone posted on how I feel, look and perform as I implement some changes!!

How About You?

Did you have a long bike trip you prepared for?  What fitness regime did you implement to prepare?  I would love to hear from you!  Comment below or contact Ann’s Adventure Tour Travel Writer and Blogger here.

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