I squeezed my running shoes and workout clothes into a stuffed suitcase because I’m committed to show that you can travel and exercise, too.  So when I woke up early my last day in Venice, to the sun rising; I felt incredibly blessed God had answered my prayers, and delivered some sunshine, which contradicted the weather report. I didn’t need too much more incentive to throw on my running shoes, clothes and go for a run. It was one of the best runs of my life.

Morning Run Venice

I ran the short distance from my hotel to Piazza San Marco, where the early morning light was showering everything with a golden glow. The photographers were already out snapping what I imagine would be their best pictures of the day. I figured I would be crazy to not snap a few pictures of my own, and capture the breathtaking scenes unfolding in front of me as the sun continued to rise.

20150216_073247 (1)I ran from Piazza San Marco down Riva Degli Schiavoni then on to Viale Vittorio Veneto…until I couldn’t go any further, and turned around. Once I turned around, I explored the parks and some of the side streets on my way back. It was early Monday morning, so the locals were getting ready to start their week. Vendors were receiving and unloading merchandise; everything comes into Venice by boats, and is then pulled by carts to its destinations.

Morning Deliveries in Venice

My heart was filled with happiness and gratitude for another incredible weekend visiting another gorgeous location. Being able to get some exercise this way is just simply being spoiled!!

How About You?

What’s your most memorable run? How do you stay active while traveling? Tell me all about it by leaving a comment or contact Ann’s Adventure Tour Writer and Blogger here.