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Making of a Friendship

Making of a Friendship

I met someone this past week. He’s a younger male version of me.

He’s a seeker of adventures, challenges, and new things. Much like me, he bores easily, and has many interests. As he listed things, activities, and sports he’s tried or is interested in trying – I listened in awe of the similarities. His struggles of balancing his desires for the unconventional with life’s expectations, and responsibilities also rang with familiarity. His yearning to commit to a relationship, but fear and inability to do so, hit right at home. He needs to feel free, to explore and to push himself. When he starts something, he wants to be good at it/master it. He jumps into things completely and fully; but can also be totally lazy about other things. Again, I’ve never heard someone describe themselves and feel like they were describing me.

He is however, a lot of more outgoing, energetic…and “youthful” – a term to kindly describe the biggest difference between us. He still has a few of the flaws/issues I’ve worked through over the years. I don’t doubt he’ll figure them out too.

He made me laugh…a lot. I had fun with him and enjoyed being around him.

We often found ourselves pedaling in front of the group, sometimes in silence (mostly because I was actually out of breath), and sometimes chatting. We sat across from each other the first night at dinner, and became pretty inseparable from that point on. We shared rooms, a tent and even a bed, but there was no funny business. It wasn’t like that between us.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s an attractive guy. I can definitely see why women pursue him. Especially younger women, who think it’s possible to tame a lion…who get caught up in his charisma, energy and drive, while unaware of everything else going on underneath. He knows how to be sweet…and if he wanted to, I’m sure he could have followed that with quite a bit of charm, but he didn’t. He knew about my faith, and belief and respected them…or maybe he wasn’t attracted to me, or he was afraid I’d fall for him, and felt a need to protect me from himself (clearly not knowing who he was dealing with). Who knows? It really doesn’t matter; I just know I can trust him, and I can be fully comfortable and myself around him. There was no expectation. No weirdness. It just was. There was such a simplicity to it.

Meeting a truly kindred spirit in my opinion is pretty rare. At least, it has been for me.

I have very few friends. I usually rather be alone than in the company of others, but I didn’t mind being around him, dare I say, I even liked having him around. I have what I consider a couple of work friends, but much of what we have in common is rooted in the work we do. With him, it’s different, it’s rooted in being so alike.

Friendship requires effort. To no great surprise, we’re both crappy at nurturing and maintaining friendships. He did invite me to come visit him, and to participate in a run that he and his family put together to honor his father. That puts the ball in my court, and it freaks me out, which is why I’m writing this blog post. I need to remind myself that sharing the week with him was a lot of fun. Further developing the friendship, and possibly having someone to go on some of my future adventures with could be pretty awesome. He’s up to just about anything, he’s physically fit, totally able to keep up (makes me push myself), he’s low maintenance, quick to get ready, and he makes me laugh. As far as what I would look for in a friend…he’s a pretty solid match. The only way to really know, is to work on keeping in touch with him.

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Have you ever met someone unexpectedly?  Were you able to maintain a long-distance friendship? Feel free to comment below or contact Ann’s Adventure Tour Writer and Blogger here.

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