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Morocco: Mountain Biking Adventure

Morocco: Mountain Biking Adventure

I wrote about my overall Moroccan Mountain Biking experience with more specifics in another post .  I wanted to share more about what this trip meant to me.

I have been heavily pondering over exactly what about my mountain biking trip to Morocco made it so incredible, but have been coming short of a specific answer.

I prophesied before leaving this would be a once in a lifetime trip – and I was right. It seemed like everything was perfectly engineered to make it the ideal trip to bring joy and happiness into my life.


Every trip I take, I sense God’s hands at play. I always recognize His work and presence in the little awesome coincidences, events and things that happen.

For this trip He was blessing me with His full Glory.

I was the only one who had a new bike…one that turned out better than the one I own. I ended up making the ideal friend to make me laugh, loosen up and keep me company. The weather was gorgeous, the oasis greener than they’ve been in seven years, and I ended with an awesome group of people to share laughs, stories and camaraderie. I discovered I was a better mountain biker than I thought, and answered the question of whether or not I wanted to do a lot more of it.

I haven’t been the same since I came back. I feel more alive, rejuvenated and ready to seek more adventures.


The Adventure

I belong in the wide open space of the great outdoors. I was so incredibly happy pushing myself pedaling my heart out, absorbing the vastness around me and being free from all thoughts and responsibilities that fill my normal days.


I love to travel, but there are many different kinds of traveling options.

By far the best one, in my opinion, is the type of traveling that offers me an adventure. An adventure takes me to a foreign land to experience new sights, sounds, and tastes, but it also offers new experiences that require me to push myself, step into the unknown, or maximize acquired skills.


I wouldn’t call myself a thrill seeker, per se, but I have a desire for things that are challenging, slightly risky and incredibly memorable. I want adventures that leave me feeling satisfied with myself…adventures that help me grow and improve.

The best kind of traveling is the kind that touches you deep into your soul.


It was my first time in Morocco, and my first time on the African Continent. Having traveled to many places in and around the world, I could compare some aspects of what I saw/experienced in Morocco, such as the hustle and bustle of daily life, to other places such as Iraq and Thailand, but it also had plenty of unique aspects to it.


Morocco is a beautiful country. I did not get to experience its beaches, but its mountain and valleys are beautiful.

They felt isolated and mostly untouched. It’s a wonderful feeling to be where most won’t go. The people in the mountains lead lives foreign to the vast majority of us. Even within Morocco, the lifestyles of the people vary a lot.


Traveling by Mountain Bike

If you’ve never pedaled your way through a place, you’re absolutely missing out on a connection with the territory you traverse. Hiking is another way to experience a place in a personal way, but you can’t cover as much ground. We covered anywhere from 25-40 miles a day – up and down mountains, into valleys, through oasis, and crossing rivers. It’s you, and your bike – you find yourself focused on the pedaling, maneuvering, exploring and discovering. Some twist and turns challenge you, scare you and what’s around the bend awes you.

Credit Dries Rengle
Credit Dries Rengle

I spent a good while on my bike simply happy and feeling blessed. My mind was blank, and I existed in the present. It’s a form of meditation.

Eat, Sleep, Pedal, Repeat

This was the most relaxing trip I’ve ever taken. Everything was taken care of by the tour company. I had nothing to worry myself with but to eat, sleep, pedal and repeat the same the next day. It was glorious.


Photo Credit Dries Rengle
Photo Credit Dries Rengle

How About You?

Have you ever taken a trip that was one of the best adventures of your life?  I would love to hear about it!  Feel free to comment below or contact Ann’s Adventure Tour Writer and Blogger here.

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