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Morning Run: Amsterdam

Morning Run: Amsterdam

This was my second morning run in a city I have traveled to.

My first run was in Venice, and I loved it so much, I knew I needed to make it habit in the other cities I visited. The first morning in Amsterdam, the weather was gloomy and rainy when I woke up, so it wasn’t ideal for a run. Thankfully, the following day, on Sunday, the sun was rising as I was tying my running shoes, and heading out.

I didn’t explore any new part of the city on my run, but it was a unique experience to be out and about while everyone else was still sleeping.

There were no cars, bicycles or people crowding the streets. The sun was rising, offering me an opportunity to take some good shots. I see my morning runs as a photographic experience; I’m out to capture a place as it wakes up, and get some exercise in the process.

Morning Run on Bridge

Below is a picture of the Blauwbrug, which literally translates to Blue Bridge. As it turns out, the Dutch aren’t very unique when it comes to naming things.  The next image, is the Magere Brug or the Skinny Bridge. It’s a bridge over the river Amstel in the city centre of Amsterdam. It connects the banks of the river at Kerkstraat (Church Street), between Keizersgracht (Emperors’ Canal) and Prinsengracht (Princes’ Canal). The story goes, the bridge was built by two sisters that lived on opposite sides of the river, who wanted a faster way to get to each other.  They paid to get a bridge built however, in the middle of the project, they ran out of money so to cut back on cost, the middle part was built much narrower/skinnier.

Blauwbrug or Blue Bridge
Blauwbrug or Blue Bridge
Magere Brug or Skinny Bridge
Magere Brug or Skinny Bridge

Probably one of the most famous picture taken in Amsterdam is of people in front of the I Amsterdam sign in the back of the Rijksmuseum. I walked by it a few times during the day, and the whole area was filled with people, but in the morning, only a few folks were climbing the letters.

I Amsterdam Morning

The peaceful streets and rows of small bridges with parked bicycles is how I will remember Amsterdam.

Small Bridge Morning Run


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