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Easter at KeuKenhof

Sunday morning after my run and breakfast, I headed out to Keukenhof.

The chance to visit Keukenhof was the primary reason why I chose to go to Amsterdam for Easter, instead of somewhere else.

It was a gorgeous sunny day, but unfortunately the visit was a disappointment. It was too early in the season; the flowers and trees in the park were barely in bloom. The flowers inside the buildings were beautiful and the variety like nothing I’d ever could have imagined, but it wasn’t the same.  It was not what I traveled to see. I could somewhat imagine what the park will ultimately end up looking like, but I was probably two weeks too early.


The place was packed with people, so I understand why they open before everything is in bloom.  It was still a beautiful place – but I wish I’d known better, and waited.

Travel Tip:  If you end up going for a visit, go early during the day.

The traffic gets backed up and it takes awhile to park.  There are plenty of places to eat inside the park and there are a lot of activities/areas for kids to play.  It’s definitely a very family friendly place.

Half BloomKeukenhof Cyclists Row of TulipsKeukenhof Red TulipsIndoor flowers

How About You?

Did you ever have a trip not turn out like you expected?  How did you handle it? Leave a comment and tell me about it or contact Ann’s Adventure Tour Writer and Blogger here.