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My Fleece Test

More than anything in life I want to be faithful to the Lord, and do His Will.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to clearly know what God’s will is in a given situation, or overall for our lives.

The Bible says not to test God in Matthew 4:7; “It is written again, ‘you shall not temp the Lord your God.'” Jesus was quoting this verse to Satan when he was being tempted in the wilderness. I do believe it is not wise to test God, but like Gideon did through his fleece test; there’s nothing wrong with asking God to show us his Will for us. God loves us; He will provide us the reassurance we need to move forward, and carry out His orders.

I’m entering into a time of transition again, and while I know what I would like to do next, I also know what God has spoken to me in the past.

The two don’t align, which creates uncertainty, and room for the enemy to stir up confusion. I need to know with certainty what God is calling me to do. I need the clarity so I’m not confusing what God wants with what I think He wants, or what I know I want.

The Fleece Test

God brought me back to the Marine Corps. I didn’t initially understand why, it wasn’t what I wanted to do, and while I was grateful in some ways, I was overall miserable with the decision. It took me a long time to see what He was working through me, and how the Marine Corps created the ideal circumstances for me to be molded into more of whom He wants me to be. But with that being said, I still want to move on from the Marine Corps, however, the Lord might have different plans, so I setup my fleece test.

I was in zone for promotion on the Lieutenant Colonel board that recently convened in January. I did nothing to ensure I had a solid chance of getting selected. I did not send a letter to the board asking them to not consider me because I’m leaving it in God’s Hands to show me His will. If I get selected, it will be God providing me with the direction He wants me to take. If I don’t get selected, it will free me to go forth and do what I have planned.

The selection to LtCol has a lot of other implications I’m not ready to go into, but it sets me up on a different path then the one I’ve been preparing myself for…which leads to what’s been going-on the last two weeks.

Pre-Morning Dew

God is faithful and He knows how to prepare us for what’s coming our way. However, again, it’s easy for us to see what we want to see, or read situations differently than how they’re intended. I can’t be 100% sure God is in fact preparing me for His answer, but my gut is telling me; His answer is coming and it’s not what I would have selected.

It first came about two weeks ago. I was briefing the Deputy Commander during the Staff Synch and at the end of my brief, he commented on me “pinning on LtCol soon”. His comment caught me totally by surprise. I didn’t want to get too much into it at the time, so he said to come see him to further discuss it. When I went to see him, he said some really great encouraging words as to why he wants to see me get promoted. After listening to my intentions, he commented on the fact that sometimes God speaks through others in our lives, and since many like him have told me they would really like to see me stick around the Marine Corps, perhaps there was something to it.

God has been pretty direct with me so far, and I can’t remember an instance when He’s used others to relay messages, but I highly respect BGen Cooling, and he’s a Christian. He’s someone God could/would use to relay a message to me because I would accept and listen to it…which, I have, especially when this issue hasn’t died down.

My boss looked up who the board members were, and I saw three names I recognized. One of them in particular, I know God could have used to turn the outcome the way He wanted it to be. I know how God places the right people, at the right places, at the right time to get the outcome He seeks.

These last two weeks have been preparing me to accept God’s plan, so I actually hope that’s what He’s been doing. While I would be glad to find out I didn’t get selected, and therefor clear to proceed with my other plans – I would be more grateful and joyful to know God is closely guiding me, working in my life and providing me a heads up for what He has planned for me. As long as God is leading the way, I know I will end up happier, a much better person and vastly more satisfied then doing anything I have planned for myself.

Exciting Time

No matter what, this is yet another exciting time in my life! I might have used a fleece test to get greater understanding of God’s Will for my life, but my faith is stronger than it’s ever been. I’m trusting Him and looking forward to what He has planned for me more than ever.

How About You?

Have you ever used a Fleece Test with God when making a big decision in your life?  How did it turn out?  Feel free to comment below or contact Ann’s Adventure Tour Writer and Blogger here.