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Do You See What I See

Do You See What I See

One of my favorite thing to do now on Instagram while I’m traveling somewhere is to click on the location tag I used on my pictures and check-out who else is posting/using the same tag. We all see the world differently, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so just because we’ve been to the same place, doesn’t mean we saw the same things.

Instagram is filled with photographers of all levels, using cameras as varied as the experience of those clicking the shutter. The time of day, the weather, the angle they shot from, the filter they picked, and editing technics they used make it so that very rarely do the same locations yield the same pictures. I just love seeing what other people chose to share, and how they chose to share it with the world. It also lets me know if I’ve noticed what they noticed, and whether or not I might have missed something. Creativity runs the gamut and so do the selfies. I never look at the tags before going because I don’t want to influence my perspective.

It’s a great way to discover new Instagram users and fellow travelers. If someone posted something I considered posting, I further explore their other pictures to find out what else we might have in common. More often than not, we’ve been to other similar locations.

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