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Inspiration by the Sea

Inspiration by the Sea

Writing can be a healing, soothing, exciting and a fun thing to do.

However, writing can also be excruciatingly painful when the mind becomes an endless desert of nothingness. When inspired the words flow out in sweet cadences to form magical sentences, but the dry well and muted voice is always lurking near by.  This is why, the desire to seek places of inspiration runs deep in all writers.

I’ve been in Dubrovnik, Croatia, the last few days.

I didn’t come here for inspiration to write, but inspiration to write found me.

Given a choice between the mountains or the ocean; I’m twice as likely to choose the mountains however, this trip made me realize the ocean just might be a source of inspiration for me. There’s something about staring out to sea that opens my mind, relaxes me, and allows me to hear what I have to say. I suppose that’s what inspiration is after all – the ability to hear what one has to say.

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This “self-discovery” made me happy about picking Lake Atitlan, Guatemala as my destination to go write my first (technically second) book. While not the ocean, I’ll be surrounded by water and also close to the mountains. I was looking for the best of both worlds during my search, and it seems I unknowingly set myself up for writing success. Of course, I won’t know for sure until I get there, and my theory is tested by having to produce a book in a few short months.

In the meantime, I’m going to take advantage of the cadences pouring out by typing them and taking short breaks to enjoy the view.

Sunset Dubrovnik
Sunset Dubrovnik, Croatia
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