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You’ve Got Mail

You’ve Got Mail

On Friday night, I was standing around the kitchen talking with my stepmom, sister, and her boyfriend when my phone made the dinging noise, letting me know I’d just received an email.  I ignored it, I wasn’t expecting any emails.  I had finally found the face/inspiration for my character, Josh Bailey.  I had given up on hearing from Airport Guy (to be referred to as AG going forward), it had been after all more than three weeks since meeting him.

In a lull in conversation, I finally looked at my phone.  There it was.  An email from AG. I just stared at it on my phone. A little stunned he had finally replied. I started to feel a tinge of excitement and finally had to step away to read it.

It apparently took a little help from his S6 to get into his email (he had given me a card with his official email on it).  This was his first time accessing his email since leaving Germany.  He’s currently in the States going through a course.  The bottom line of his email was that he was standing by his offer to assist me.

I was pretty happy to read that, but felt a little overwhelmed by how to let him know about the blog post I’d written about our encounter and how to get started with leveraging his help. I emailed him back and explained this website to him, and a few other things – letting him know I understand if he doesn’t want to be part of the story, behind the story. I presented him with a way out of his gracious offer to help.

He emailed back and said he has no issues with the blog post or anything else I choose to write, as long as I keep his identity to myself. I wouldn’t have it any other way, he’s still on active duty and especially because of what he does – no one needs to know who he is.

I haven’t however told him about finding Kyle Clarke.  I would replace Kyle in a heartbeat for AG, but that would require him to send me some pictures I can use, the same way I plan on using Kyle’s.  If AG has input into the making of Josh, his actions, behavior, and thoughts – it would make sense for Josh to also be a physical reflection of him.  If you remember from my Surreal Airport Encounter post, he’s a good looking guy – he can hold up his own amongst the endless stream of guys I searched through to find someone to be the inspiration for Josh, more specifically, to be an inspiration in his absence.

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I wanted this, after the serendipitous run-in with AG; I wanted him to be part of the story, so why does it feel so awkward for me?  It shouldn’t be a big deal to explain what I’m doing and what I’d like to get from him. Is it because I’ve never done anything like this before? Is it because the whole situation is too close to the original storyline…or may be a storyline in itself?

It’s way too early to tell how involved AG will be in this project, but for a girl who always does everything alone, enlisting and having his help is foreign to me. I’m entrusting something very dear, meaningful, and personal to me to someone who is…well, a stranger right now. I rarely ever trust anything to anyone – definitely stepping out of a comfort zone with this one. Opening myself up to feedback, input, and potentially rejection in a way I never have before.

I’ve been praying to become more trusting and open…so if God’s Hand is in this – it will definitely get very interesting and ultimately, incredibly beneficial.

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