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You’ve Got Mail: Adding Sex Appeal

You’ve Got Mail: Adding Sex Appeal

As I’ve mentioned, AG is also writing a novel – it’s actually a pretty interesting story and I enjoy reading his scenes…probably a lot more than he enjoys reading mine. I honestly don’t get what he gets out of helping me.  In the last couple of weeks of exchanging emails, we have made little progress in actually getting to know each other…but his feedback remains super helpful.

Anyway, last week he sent me a scene, in which his main character goes off the deep end after witnessing the violent loss of the woman he loves.  His main character ends up kicking some serious ass, which made his character come across as pretty hot and sexy.

Realizing how his scene gave me the hots for his character, it made me recognize Josh was missing that kind of sex appeal. (AG never intended for his scene to have that kind of impact). I’m writing a romance novel after all, I need my readers, who will be 99.9% women to have the hots for Josh.  I’m making Ava this totally kick ass female Marine, but not properly making Josh a good match for her.

I asked AG to help me give Josh more sex appeal. I wrote a scene and I needed him to add his touch to it. I know very little about AG, but intensity, having a serious streak, and being a true professional are definitely strong personality traits for him. Traits women find sexy.

I don’t know AG’s relationship status, but if he’s single, I imagine he leaves a lot of women feeling frustrated and aggravated with him. He’s handsome, intense, focused, polite, professional, and probably completely oblivious how sexy women find him, which only makes him sexier to them.

While I see the appeal myself, it’s way too frustrating and I don’t like being frustrated.  I’m not looking for Josh to be like that.  Josh is a cut above the rest, overall humble about his accomplishments and abilities, but also confident and well aware of what he has to offer.  He doesn’t hesitate or back down in his pursuit of Ava. I need a male character that’s got some game…for Ava’s and my sake.

What’s really sexy is a man who knows what he wants, recognizes it when he sees it, goes after it, and does what it takes to earn it.  I don’t think I could do the type of romance novel where the man doesn’t realize what’s in front of him…till it’s too late. If you can’t realize what’s in front of you, then you don’t deserve it.

I still haven’t heard from him…not sure if he missed the scene or I’ve finally asked him for something he doesn’t want to do!

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