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Choosing Abstinence

Choosing Abstinence

Tim Tebow is making some headlines again, not because he’s miraculously found himself on the NFL team roster, but because his two-month relationship to former Miss U.S.A. Olivia Culpo has come to a public end with her making a statement about Tebow’s refusal to have sex with her.  Tebow, a devout Christian who is living his faith under the scrutiny of the public is adamant about abstinence until marriage.

I haven’t been a Tim Tebow fan like many other Christians – until now.

Abstinence has become more of a taboo subject in our culture than sex.  The tide has shifted where judgement is levied on those who choose to abstain from sex versus those who are out using Tinder to hook-up with complete strangers a few times a week.

I don’t preach often about the moral decline of our society, but I fully believe our society is in a full spiral down to a fiery end.

But here’s the thing, I used to be not one to talk about such things as casual sex…since I’ve had my share, with men whose names I didn’t care to know. Before committing my life to Christ, sex was my escape of choice. Since Christ becoming the center of my life and choosing to obey him, I’ve abstained from sex for almost five years and plan on continuing to do so, until I’m married.

Let me tell you something – it’s INSANELY difficult. I easily think about sex a dozen times a day, most days. I’m an extremely physical and sexual person…so every day I pick-up that cross, and I pray for God to help me make it through the day.

I have changed what I watch, listen to, and read. I have removed the influences of society around me, which is a sex driven culture, as much as I can.  However, it doesn’t stop my own internal makeup, thoughts, and physiology. As the new popular saying goes “The Struggle is Real.”

Do I wonder if I’ll ever have sex again? Yes

Do I feel like some of the good years are slipping by in which I should be having sex? Yes

Have there been times when I’ve felt less sexy and desirable because I don’t behave in the same flirtatious ways as other women or my former self? Yes.

Have I had to go out of my way to avoid temptations. Yes

Is temptation constantly at my door. Yes

As it gotten easier…a little.

But the struggle is also absolutely worth it. My struggle with this is what brings me closer to God. My obeying Him is what makes my relationship to Him stronger. I would be devastated if in a moment of weakness I allowed my physical needs to be greater than my need for Him. I don’t want anything to stand between me and Him.

This is something that can’t add up or make sense to people who haven’t seek Christ and committed their lives to Him.  The judgement comes from those who don’t understand what it’s like to be enveloped in His love, glory, safety, leadership, and all powerful…EVERYTHING.

I know how good sex is/feels. I know sex is not an evil thing.  God created it.  He placed the desires for sex within us, we are biologically designed to want sex, we must have sex for the survival of our species. But He also spoke of when and how it’s appropriate.

It’s much more difficult to lead a moral life than live one where anything and everything is allowed. People don’t want any restrictions placed on their lives. I’m choosing the narrow path. I don’t judge those who choose the wider and easier road, but I do pray for them.

I pray they come to understand Jesus the way I’ve been blessed to because it makes life so much more beautiful, sweet, and joyful even through the hardest of trials and temptations.

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