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Standing In Faith

I’ve never reached the end of a year with so many unknowns lying ahead of me while feeling so much peace, love, joy, and gratitude in my heart. I’ve never felt this good, and satisfied with who I am and with my life.

There’s only one reason for this absolute bliss: The Lord. More specifically, my faith in the Lord.

I have a little over half a dozen major questions I’ve been praying on for months, looking for His guidance before taking actions/making a decision that are still pending. In the past, this would have started to stress me out and caused me anxiety, but not anymore, as my faith has developed into full confidence in the Lord.

I’ve come to understand and trust His timing.  His timing very rarely matches the pressure and timing that the world levies upon us, so in order to trust His timing, you sometimes have to run out the world’s clock and go into overtime. Having deadlines and hard dates come and go without a hint of what decisions to make can be, without proper faith, quite nerve wrecking.

Praying “Lord, I need an answer by this or that date, or else, I’ll have to (fill in the blanks)” doesn’t work. Jumping ahead of His timing prevents the full benefits of His plan and blessings for your life.

What probably appears as indecision or procrastination to many looking at the set of decisions I need to act on, is in fact me completely trusting God. He is going to give me the guidance and answers I seek, and I must not go ahead of His timing.

While I Wait

I used to have a really hard time waiting on the Lord because I didn’t know how to patiently, but actively wait.  I used to focus entirely on what I had prayed about, while thinking of my own solutions, weighing pros and cons, and preparing to make a decision. This only lead to me feeling stressed and anxious. Ultimately, while waiting, I kept taking the decisions out of God’s hands, and trying to solve them on my own.

Nowadays, I don’t stay solely focused on my problems or situations that require His input.  I focus on other things and continue to move ahead in the areas where I already have His guidance.  I also spend more time focused on Him, and learning more about Him since I have the time because…well, I’m waiting.

Waiting on His timing used to make me feel like He was distant from me, not actively working in my life and out of reach.  Now, I feel just as close (if not closer) to Him while I’m waiting than when He answers. That’s because my thoughts remain on HIM!  Not the problems or questions facing me. Because my thoughts, time and heart are turned to Him I can always witness how He is still working in my life, just not necessarily where I was hoping He would focus. Waiting on the big questions, doesn’t stop Him from answering the little ones.

As He answers the smaller things (let me correct this, what seems like smaller things to me – but if God is answering them first, they’re actually probably bigger things), I’m grateful and renewed in my patience. It isn’t about asking Him, why did you act here, but not here, where I need you most. It’s realizing, everything has it’s timing.

It’s taken five years for my faith to get to this level. My faith faltered ample of times while I waited for guidance on smaller matters, but I didn’t give up on myself or on the Lord.  I kept turning to Him and He answered prayers along the way and busily worked in my life.

Again, just because He isn’t answering my specific questions doesn’t mean He isn’t working in my life. Grasping that concept made a big difference in growing my faith.

How is your faith? Do you falter and take control? Or do you trust God and His timing?  How can I help you grow your faith?

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  1. You sound like you read my mind. I needed this piece of reassurance and faith strengthener. You know, just yesterday afternoon i was explaining to some friends about how much these following 2years are filled with unknowns, stress and excitement.

    Good writing.

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