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A Rant: Stop Being Boring

A Rant: Stop Being Boring

When did the statement “Let’s have some fun” come to only mean “Let’s have sex together, no strings attached?” What happened to actually being able to have fun…I mean fun that involves being active, physical, outdoor and taking risks, but doesn’t include sex? If you’re reading this, and you can’t think of anything that’s fun and doesn’t involved sex (and alcohol) – you lead an extremely limited and boring life. Why are most people so boring?!

When I discovered that the guy who asked me out was significantly younger than me, one of the first thing that came to mind was “he should be a lot of fun.” I expected him to be full of life, charisma, and ready to have adventures.  I thought maybe he might come across a little immature, but I could deal with that, it would more than likely be entertaining. Yea. No. Not so much. He was entirely too serious and quite frankly…boring. Didn’t see that one coming.

He was interested in “hanging out” which in today’s speak apparently means hooking-up. As I’ve written in another post, he definitely tempted me.  He might have lacked charisma but stamina, that he had. He might not have known how to feed my mind or entertain me, but how to manhandle me and bring me physical pleasure…sure, he had those skills. But even if I’d thrown my spiritual convictions aside, no way was that anywhere near enough to make it worth my time.

You Bore Me

I don’t know when things, places and people started putting me to sleep. It is however, getting worse. Maybe I’m getting ADD…but I don’t think that’s what it is. I can sit alone and stare at a blank wall, while entertaining myself with my thoughts. The problem is people are leading sad existence and getting boring.

I’m an introvert, so I love being alone, and I rather be alone than bored with someone else. To make it worth spending time with someone, I need stimulation. The intellectual, emotional, or physical type. I’m a bit of a thrill seeker…so the more adventurous our time together, the better. I also love to learn and experience new things. I come prepared to contribute with stories, wit, trash talk and whatever else that can add spice to our time together. I’ll definitely put some effort into making things entertaining…but I can’t combat lame and boring alone.

Stop Being Lame and Boring

Have some interests, passions, and hobbies. Be able to share what they are, and why they make you feel alive! Have stories to tell, embellish them if you have to.  If you don’t have a few cool stories to tell – get off your ass and go get some!

Open yourself up to new experiences.  Be willing to explore and be spontaneous.  Have a list of things you want to try, so when someone comes along and says “Let’s do something crazy!” You’ve got something crazy you want to try out.

When someone says “that’s on my bucket list” – take them to do it, if you can!  What better way to make a good impression and have fun than by helping someone create new memories.

Don’t take yourself so seriously. Open up, loosened up, and get the most out of getting to know someone new.

And by the way, people who complain, are negative and gossip – are the most boring people of them all!

Having fun isn’t brain surgery and when you meet someone who wants to have fun, is up for just about anything and seeking some thrills…get a clue!

I hate it when my life gets boring.  It depresses me. I grow frustrated and antsy…so how do you put up with it?

Why is it so hard to find people to add some flavor and excitement to my life? Where are the fun people?

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