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My Life Series – The Chapters of my Adventure

I knew one of the writing projects I wanted to undertake was to write about my walk of faith. However, it became a daunting task when I considered the various aspects of my life and how God made His impact in each. So instead, I wrote my first work of fiction and figured the answer of how to tackle the other story would eventually come to me. After an incident that left me pondering with some heavy questions – the idea came to write a life series.

I decided to cover my life and walk of faith through six short book series on the different chapters of my life and how things were before and after Christ.

The six areas I’ll touch on are: My Spiritual Journey (will be last to be released), Men and Sex, The Marine Corps, Fitness, Entrepreneurship and Travel/Adventure.

Below is a little more detail on what each book will encompass and the projected release date. The plan is to write each book at a different location. The books will be available in print and ebook format.

My Spiritual Journey  (Due out in August 2016)

Spoiler Alert. It Ends with Jesus.

In this book I explore my Spiritual journey which started with being raised Catholic, but took a turn into New Age Spirituality as a teenager, which sent me in a downward spiral of pain and confusion. After years of being filled with darkness and having my life make no sense, I was blessed to finally fall to my knees and find Jesus. You can call me a reborn Christian who left the Catholic church and became a Protestant. Over the last five plus years, God has been working in and through me to heal, bless, and renew me.

Men and Sex (Due out in March 2016 – written in Guatemala)

The Sin of the Flesh. My Biggest Struggle.

In this book I cover an extremely sensitive topic that has drastically changed, yet remained the same over the last couple of decades. I pull the curtain on my blatant imperfections, weaknesses, and sinful nature. My biggest struggle living a Christlike life is my battle with my fleshly desires. This book is the raw truth of how much it’s haunted me and controlled my life. Without incriminating myself or others, and to the best of my abilities not hurting anyone, I attempt to cover the full spectrum of my sexual past and present. I also highlight what’s been my messed up relationship with men and sex prior to Jesus and improved relationship since Jesus.

The Marine Corps  (Due out in May 2016)

The Joys of Leading Marines

In this book I discuss my twenty years in the Marine Corps from turning eighteen in boot camp, to getting commissioned, leaving the Corps, returning as a Reservist, my future goals and everything in-between. A lot of this book is dedicated to the amazing Marines I was blessed to lead and what it’s meant to me.

A Life Committed to Fitness (Due out in April 2016 – to be written in Puerto Rico)

Iron is the Best Medicine

In this book I cover my journey as a child with an eating disorder and self-image issues, to a young woman who discovered the benefits of building a strong physique through weight training. It also includes my huge weight gain when my life was at its lowest and how God came into my life, and lead me to compete in my first Women’s Physique competition after a fifty pound weight loss. It’s a look into how and why fitness has been and remains a top priority in my life.

My Entrepreneurial Journey  (Due out in July 2016)

The Will to Continue On

In this book I cover my failures as an entrepreneur which started with the Coaching Agency, followed by a web startup and finally with various websites that went nowhere. The story continues with my journey to make it on my own, as a writer.

The Introvert Seeking Adventure  (Due out in June 2016)

Ending my Boredom. Travel and Life in the Outdoor.

I used to drag my bedcover and pillow out in the front yard to be able to sleep under the stars when I was younger. I always knew in my heart that I belonged outdoor, but rarely found myself there until God came into my life. This book is about finally finding myself and what makes me the happiest.