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I Need Your Help

I released Men and Sex: Navigating Both Before and After Christ a week ago today and my sales to date are zero, none, nada, zilch. Not one person has bought one book. I’ll admit it’s a little disheartening.

I’ve told myself maybe it’s because people: As in you, my friends, family, readers, and followers are waiting on the paperback version, which will be released later this week. Perhaps that’s what it is, perhaps it isn’t.

I’ll be leaving on Monday to go write book three, Failures and Lessons Learned: My Ongoing Entrepreneurial Journey. The irony of writing about my past failures, as I look ahead at an uncertain future doesn’t escape me.

I’ve been here before, doing something I love, investing all of myself and countless hours of hard work, while taking risks and putting it all on the line. I never regretted doing it back then, and I’m not having any second thoughts about doing it now because I’m truly enjoying it and learning from it. However, I’d like to actually make money this time, and be successful at doing what I love.

This time is also entirely different because I’m walking in Faith with the Lord. I trust Him to continue to lead me down the path of His choosing. God is allowing me to work on this project, however it ultimately pans out, it’s in God’s hands.

But with that being said, God isn’t going to do the work for me. I’m putting in serious effort and hard work in writing, editing, blogging, planning the trips, posting updates, and marketing myself and the books. It might look fun and easy, and some of it is, but a lot of it I’m getting done through sheer determination, commitment, and discipline.

People often tell me I inspire and motivate them because I don’t let anything stop me. I set my mind on something and I go after it. If all you needed to make it as an entrepreneur was a willingness to work hard, take risks, and overcome obstacles – I would be a success by now. No, you need help from people, luck, timing on your side and a break. But this isn’t a post on entrepreneurship – it’s a post on me asking YOU for YOUR HELP because one thing I can have an impact on is getting help.

How You Can Help

First let me say, everyone has been super supportive in offering kind words of encouragement and for that, I want to thank you. I really do feel like I have an army of people, or rather, a Corps of people, (get it, Marine Corps :)) behind me, cheering me on. I don’t take that for granted, but I’m asking for a little more!

Spreading the Word

I’m not asking you to buy my books if you don’t want to. I realize some people don’t actually like to read – I don’t understand how that can be, but to each our own.  What I would greatly appreciate is your help spreading the word about my books and what I’m doing. If you could share the links I post or simply let people you know, who happen to like to read, to check-out one of my books – that would go a really long way.

If I do inspire or motivate you, may be letting others know: “Hey checkout this chick, Ann Bernard, she’s been traveling all over the place, she’s a fitness nut, and she’s writing books sharing her faith. I find her inspirational, maybe you might too. She’s got a website and is starting a newsletter.” Or something to that affect. Again – it would be much appreciated.

Review a Book

Some wonderful people have already stepped up to the plate and have written reviews for Men and Sex. I can’t say how grateful I am. Books with reviews sale better on Amazon, but additionally, in order for me to run some campaigns with third party book marketers, I must have a minimum of five reviews for the book. Most require ten reviews.

I’m hustling to find other authors to do some review exchanges with them, and will continue to search for the sweet spot in the market for my books, in order to make it easier to find volunteers. However, since I’m starting out – I need the help of the people I do know.

I will need 5-7 reviewers for book two. Any volunteers please contact me.

Marketing and Promotion

I’m constantly brainstorming the best ways to move ahead with the marketing and promotion for my books. So if you happen to see, hear, or think of something – don’t be shy to let me know. If there’s someone you think would be a great match for me to talk to, an introduction would be awesome, or just at least a “Hey, check this person out.” Between the traveling and actual writing, my time is limited. I’ll take a month off between book three and four, to focus more on the marketing.

I get that I’ve embarked on/tackled a huge project. But this is me we’re talking about! When have I not taken on more than what’s normal?  This is why you keep tabs on me in the first place. I live my life in a way that’s either going to end up in a massive crash and burn or a major success.

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