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Writing my Testimony: The Chapters of My Life Series

Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples!

1 Chronicles 16:8 (ESV)

It would be wrong to keep my testimony to myself because God has worked (and continues to work) powerful changes, incredible opportunities, and amazing events in my life over the course of the last six years. I was not miraculously healed of a disease or saved from a tragic event—I was however, transformed, renewed, and made whole again through the process of being molded by God and dying to self. A process that was filled with pain, challenges, and struggles, along with, victories, marvels, and joy.

I pondered for a while how to best share my testimony so that the large to miniscule ways God impacted my life could best be explained. I resolved to write my testimony through the various areas of my life in a series called: The Chapters of My Life Series.

Through the different Chapters of my Life, which include the already written books: Men and Sex: Navigating Both Before and After Christ, Diet and Exercise: The Road to Healthy Living and Self-Acceptance, Failures and Lessons Learned: My Ongoing Entrepreneurial Journey and the upcoming books on my twenty years in the Marines Corps, a book on my travel and adventures, and an overall book on my faith—I can paint the full picture of how God has been actively part of, concerned about, and involved in, every aspect of my life.

My motivation for sharing my testimony, besides not being able to keep it to myself because how good God is—is to encourage believers who are struggling in their walk of faith. It can be tough to remain faithful and in prayer when it seems everyone else’s prayers are answered but yours. It can be disheartening not seeing or understanding how God is working in your life.

I’ve been blessed with being able to see in retrospective the ways God pursued me and how He has worked in, on, and through me. In offering my story, I pray it will help others view their lives in a different way. Too many Christians often look for the major ways God answers prayers and miss out on the more subtle answers that add up over time. I’ve received many blessings—but none is greater than how much I’ve changed as a person.

Additionally, mine is a story that is ongoing. I still struggle, make mistakes, and hit my knees daily in order to make it through the events, challenges, and temptations that face me. Every day brings me closer to God as I keep realizing my weaknesses and seeking out His will, grace, mercy, forgiveness, love, and protection.

I’m not anything special, aside from a child of God, saved by the grace of God—I’m not a theologian, minister, or even a group leader at church. What I am is fully devoted to and in love with Jesus Christ. I know God can use anyone, He doesn’t need me to be anything other than who He created me to be.

I’m a women telling her story as a testimony. A story I pray will find those who need to hear it.