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My First Book Signing

My First Book Signing

Men and Sex by Ann BernardIt’s no secret I travel a lot and because I travel a lot, I don’t belong to any specific groups, organizations or church. So when it comes to leaning on or reaching to a community for support—it leaves me empty handed. But then I walk into the gym, and people welcome me back, ask me about my trips, and check-in on how the writing is going…the gym is the one community, I’ve always had. And as it were, this particular gym also happens to be where my fitness journey began.

At 16, I walked into Asylum Fitness to get ready for Marine Corps boot camp. Twenty-two years later, it’s still where I go when I’m in Palmer—now a Lieutenant Colonel Select. Gary was the owner then and still welcomes old and new members with the same enthusiasm today.

My second book in the series is called Diet and Exercise: The Road to Healthy Living and Diet and Exercise by Ann BernardSelf-Acceptance

So what better place is there for me to hold my first book signing?

I asked Gary and he didn’t hesitate to say “Yes. Anything you need.”

My First Book Signing

My first book signing… The thought generates excitement and dread. Will anyone show up? Will it be awkward sitting there, with my books on the table, pen in hand, as people enter the gym to work out? Or will people come out to see me, buy the books, and ask questions?

What should I expect?

The word on the street is that most book signing are not very well attended, unless it’s an event with many authors. I also know from experience that public appearances where people are scheduled to come to see you, are much different to public appearances where you hope people will come see you. I’ve worked events, booths, and crowds before…so I know the drill, and it can be an uncomfortable, brain numbing, and painful experience.

FailuresandLessonsLearnedfrontBut I’m going for it—I’ve worked hard to write, edit, and publish the books I currently have and I want to celebrate what I’ve accomplished so far!

I know my family will be there and it will be the first time I get to share an event like this with them.  Second, if I can make one new fan, and sell a book, I’ll count the experience as a success.

I’ve learned over the years the key when you start out is to balance being optimistic with managing expectations. I’ve had enough failures and disappointments now to strike that balance better than ever.

Come out to meet me!!

Event Information

What: Book Signing and Meet the Author

Where: Asylum Fitness 280 Wilbraham Street Palmer, MA

When: June 15, 2016 7-9PM

7-8 PM Meet the Author
8-8:20PM Ann shares some of her lessons learned
8:30-9PM Q & A

Light refreshments will be offered. And there will be a drawing for a giveaway!!

Books will be available on sale at the event or get your copies now on Amazon.

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