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Pukaskwa National Park: The Beauty of Lake Superior

Pukaskwa National Park: The Beauty of Lake Superior

The drive from Sault Ste-Marie to Pukaskwa National Park was a pretty one. Most of it was riding along Lake Superior. I had no expectations of what Lake Superior had to offer. Besides knowing it was an immense lake, I knew little else about it, and had no idea I would find myself in such magical settings, once I got to Pukaskwa National Park.

As I mentioned in my other post, I Bought a Tent, this was my and Little Man’s first camping experience. We rolled up to the campsite, which overall was as I expected. I setup camp, made sure Little Man was alright and headed out to explore. Unfortunately, the hike I wanted to do (White River Suspension Bridge Trail) was too long of a hike to do in the few hours I had left of daylight, so instead, I did some of the hikes closer by.

I was blown away by the magic in the forest, everything had some sort of moss growing on it, giving the woods a look I had never seen before. Next, I was stunned by the size of the beaches and the large trees that clutter their shores. The vastness of Lake Superior, in that I couldn’t see the opposite shore, also surprised me.

Magical Forest

Shore of Lake Superior

I love finding myself somewhere that doesn’t remind me of anywhere else. That’s how I felt, as I explored the trails of Pukaskwa National Park.

Pukaskwa National Park a dawnt

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After my hike I returned to the campsite to eat and waited for the sun to set so I could go watch it. It got much cooler as the sun went down, and my fire building skills left me without much of a fire. I also felt lonely…would camping leave me feeling this way? With nothing to do in the evening, in the solitude of the woods…would loneliness creep in while on this trip?

Eventually I crawled into the tent and tried to get some sleep. I didn’t sleep very well, but none the less, in the morning, I did one more short hike…regretting I wasn’t here for two nights so I could do the longer hike.

Next stop. Thunder Bay.

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