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Road Trip: Winnipeg and Saskatoon

Road Trip: Winnipeg and Saskatoon

I have nothing good to say about Winnipeg. Nothing there worthwhile to see or do. My one eventful thing that happened is that I had to book another hotel, while in the lobby of the hotel I had originally booked, since they were going to put me on a smoking floor because of Little Man. I had no idea some hotels still had smoking floors.

After Winnipeg, I was supposed to camp two nights in Riding Mountain National Park, but as I kept listening to weather reports of incoming thunderstorms and rain, I couldn’t bring myself to go camp while getting rained on, the whole time.  At 4:30 in the morning, I laid awake in bed, dreading being wet for two days, so I began to look for new accommodations in Saskatoon, my projected stop after Riding Mountain. It meant a longer drive, but that seemed better than getting soaked and being miserable for two days. I was in luck, Paul, the AirBnB host I contacted was up early and able to reply to me right away. After answering a few of his questions, I had a place booked for the next couple of nights.

Taste of Saskatoon 2016
Taste of Saskatoon 2016

It didn’t rain as much as what they projected, but that’s just a gamble you take while on the road. I couldn’t undo my decision. I took advantage of being in a city by going to get my hair done. I also squeezed in a few workouts and checked-out the Taste of Saskatoon, which was being held in a park by the river.

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Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa…and I’m assuming Toronto and Vancouver are cities with things to see and do, but for what I’ve seen from other Canadian cities, they’re not worth a stop. It’s all about the outdoor adventures!

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