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Observations Of Canada After A Month

Observations Of Canada After A Month

I was born in Edmonton, Alberta but my parents returned to St-Come, Quebec when I was just a few weeks old. Except for a short trip to Nova Scotia, many years ago, the only impression or knowledge of my homeland was from growing up in St-Georges, Quebec. So when I started driving West, I didn’t know what to expect.

  1.  Dunkin Donuts have vanished from Canada…and been replaced with Tim Horton’s (Bad move)
  2. There are no St. Hubert restaurants outside of Québec (it once was my favorite restaurant – best rotisserie chicken and sauce). I figured it was a chain of restaurant across Canada.
  3. It’s hard to find curd cheese (also called squishy cheese) or poutine places outside of Québec. I can’t believe you can’t buy curd cheese in grocery stores outside of Quebec.
  4. Canadians really respect speed limits in work zones. It’s like Germans and crosswalks. I expect a lot of speeding tickets in the mail.
  5. The National Parks are as incredible as made out to be.
  6. There is no terrorist threat but if outdoor…take the bear threat seriously.
  7. Most Canadians are well versed on American politics and issues.
  8. Canadian flag proudly flies everywhere.
  9. There’s been a French radio station everywhere I’ve been but not necessarily a French T.V. station.
  10. Canadians know of two seasons: winter and construction season.
  11. Generally speaking, Canadians are quite polite and even call you to give you money back.
  12. Canadians are (rightfully so) not happy Hollywood decided to make Neil Young from California versus from his real birth place of Toronto in the upcoming movie about the Canadian singer and songwriter.
  13. Food is noticeably more expansive than in the U.S. (and so is gas).
  14. Western Canada is undergoing a recession due to the drop in oil prices, but I didn’t hear about it until I go to Saskatchewan and it was on the news everyday in Alberta.
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