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Chemistry: The Sweet Appeal of Testosterone

Some men (extremely few) generate urges and desires that are simply raw and animalistic in nature. They reek of one thing: testosterone.

What might in fact put off many other women creates pure chemistry between me and this perhaps Neanderthal behaving/looking male. I’m drawn and attracted to him because he registers as a man who could dominate me. It’s the cavewoman pea brain phenomena that correlates the over bearing masculinity as a worthy mate with whom to procreate off springs with high survival rates.

However, while I have a subconscious and conscious desire to breed with said testosterone filled men, they’ve never possessed much of anything else I’ve desired.

I’ve lacked chemistry with all my Tinder matches because none of them came close to having that kind of appeal…although all were active and outdoorsy with many other qualities to offer.

I added to my Tinder profile: “Seeking the version of me but with more testosterone.”

It’s perhaps the simplest way to explain what I’m looking for. Cause the thing is, I don’t want to be the masculine energy in the relationship, but I love what is male and testosterone driven.

I’m assertive, aggressive, active, competitive, and drama free. I don’t seek security, stability, or normalcy. I do appreciate cleanliness and order, but don’t fancy anything particularly dainty. I’ll choose the outdoors (mountain, lake, ocean, and desert) over the arts, theater, music, or anything else. Although, I still do enjoy the latter, and stimulating my intellect is always necessary.

I can’t stay out of the gym for more than a couple of weeks before I have to throw weights around for a bit. I drive fast and I love the adrenaline rush I get from mountain biking, trying new things, and conquering a difficult challenge.

I chose to become a United States Marine because I believe in fighting for justice and freedom. I don’t recoil at the necessity for violence to fight evil.

I possess empathy and compassion, but I’m not necessarily the nurturing kind. I’m not drawn to caring for children, but will do battle in a heartbeat to defend the helpless.

I thrive when challenged, either mentally or physically, but given a choice, I’ll likely take the physical challenge–it’s just more fun.

I write to express myself, entertain, and dig deeper into my thoughts. I’m both fascinated and disgusted by human nature. I can just as easily dig into or avoid thinking about the problems of the world (I ultimately trust in God’s plan).

I’m not at all mechanically inclined. I suck at math. I don’t read directions and I’m more apt to use force than finesse.

I’m all for witty banter, sarcasm, and even immature silly humor. I can take it and dish it out. I’m thick skinned and I speak my mind. I’ll share my feelings…but only if you’re actually a good listener. I don’t speak when I know I’m not being heard or understood. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me.

I have a cold and distinct ability to cut strings and never look back, although, that’s mostly unintentional. I forget and forgive in a heartbeat. I don’t hold grudges or take things personally. If you manage to upset me, I’ll let you know about it.

Thanks to Christ, I have learned humility, have gained more patience, managed to keep my ego in check, and have ceased to judge. God is in charge of my life so I live a stress free life. I obey and serve Him. I don’t worry about what comes next because it’s in God’s hands, which allows me to live in, and embrace the moment.

I’m looking for a man who is much the same but adds a greater masculine strength, knowledge, and touch to the mix. Someone with a passion, intensity, and edge that polarize me towards him. I want to be drawn to him, to follow my curiosity into knowing who he is, what makes him tick, and exploring how I react to him.

It’s not just feeling something for him, but also, the things he’s capable of making me feel about who I am. Someone who amplifies the good, brings out the unknown, and slumbers the negative. Someone whose presence quickens my heart beat, tightens my throat, and blanks my thoughts. Someone who is just as likely to unravel my plans, as he is to fulfill them.

I know his essence because it already flows through me. He isn’t my opposite, and he doesn’t complete me…he does however, have the potential to enhance everything about me and my life.

He is connected to the outdoors, borderlines on the extreme of the sports he participates in, he is absolutely comfortable in who he is, but not settled in his ways. The world calls him to explore, make a difference, and partake in all it has to offer. He’s content, but still driven by the unknown, and need to conquer new things.

He loves to have fun, laugh, and doesn’t take many things seriously. He’s the right balance of attached and free to take flight. He tinkers, works miracle with his hands, and doesn’t mind teaching others. Quick witted, philosophical every blue moon, and direct…not one to minced words.

He spends his life following and serving Christ. Able and prepared to lead and wise enough to follow.

I know him. I just haven’t met him yet.