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My Focus is on the Lord

I got the best spot available at the last campsite, I’ve safely been on the road for two months without anything major (problematic) happening, and I’ve repeatedly been at the right place at the right time to take advantage of things and events I wouldn’t have normally pursued. I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous sights and been spoiled by great weather. It’s fair to say, this has been an incredible trip and God’s hand has been all over it, but if I didn’t place my focus on the Lord as soon as I woke up each day—I would be having a much different experience/trip.

When I began my walk of faith, my focus was mostly on my problems…it took a couple years, and a lot of hard work to shift my mindset, and perspective. Now, I still have problems, but they belong to God and my focus and attention are on God. And not just my problems, but also my desires and unanswered prayers. I’ve lost count of the yeas I’ve been praying for a Godly husband or a clear cut answer of what to do with my life.

I thought maybe this trip would provide answers to one or both of those prayers, but as I draw nearer to Vancouver, void of any further clarity, and just as single as when I left Massachusetts…I don’t dwell on it. Dwelling on it would steal my joy and my peace. It would also show my lack of faith and trust in the Lord.

It can be easy to take our eyes/attention off of the Lord and our blessings and to put them on what is still missing or absent in our lives. There was a time in my life when I would have thought/said “God, you’ve blessed me with all of this (an amazing road trip, beauty, wonder, safety, protection and adventure) so why can’t you give me love of a man and direction for my life? That would be equivalent to saying what I already have isn’t enough. That God was holding out on what is best for me and my life. A statement of gratitude does not include a but in it.

Trusting in God means embracing His provision and plan for me as the very best, each and every day, without dictating to Him what it should be and how to deliver. I don’t question Him anymore as to why things are as they are…things, that is to say, my life, is amazing.

What the Lord Offers

Imagine putting all your emotional baggage (fears, stress, pain, sorrow, anger, envy..etc), and desires into a bag, and each day handing it over to God, saying: “Here you go, this is yours. Now, whatcha You got for me?” And He hands you an incredible day and all the strength, protection, knowledge, and assistance you need to have the best day possible.

It isn’t a fair exchange, but that is precisely what the Lord offers. The trick though, for it to work, is to not go back to pick-up the garbage you left with Him and to not question or doubt what He gives you in exchange.

You aren’t likely to succeed at first in letting Him keep all your stress, worries, problems, pain, and sorrows for the day…and that’s okay. He’ll return them to you and be ready to take them again once you come back to drop them off. However, if you stay at it, it will get easier. Your trust and faith will grow, and eventually, you’ll wake-up someday and realize God is all you keep around.

Overtime, you won’t quite know what happened to your junk, it just won’t be there anymore, and you’ll be a different person. You’ll now meet Him every morning with bags of gratitude and love, and He’ll continue to hand you even more amazing opportunities and blessings.

This happens, not because your life is perfect, but rather because you are being perfected in God.  Much might remain the same all around you…all in fact, except for you.

For many years my circumstances remain basically the same as I was changing—now, I recognize my life less and less each day, and it fits me more and more.