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Summer Road Trip: Two Months Later

I left for my summer road trip two months and some change ago in search of some answers. I’ve covered over 3,000 miles and have had some incredible experiences (I’m still catching up on those blog posts) however, no definitive answers have materialized. Well…not exactly.

I added a post last week called “My Focus is on the Lord” as a reminder/confirmation that ultimately I’m fully trusting God for what’s next and I’m grateful for the journey He has blessed me to live. However, this trip has opened my eyes to some truths about myself.

Life on the Road Suits Me

After my time in Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and Belize I was getting a sense that the nomadic life was a good fit for me. My road trip across Canada has confirmed that life on the road suits me quite well. A few years ago it wouldn’t have worked for me at all…now it seems to be what’s best.

I’m at peace living the nomadic life. It’s easy for me to get bored or feel trap in the day-to-day conventional lifestyle. I’m not going as far as to say I’m striving (productivity or happiness wise) at the moment, but I’m in an ebb and flow that’s more natural than trying to fit in/belong to one particular place. Ergo, the feeling of peace and contentment.

Bearing this in mind, the plan for the next phase includes staying on the road.

Generating Income

I thought at the beginning of making the decision to travel and write that it would only be for a year (unless the writing took off on its own)—I would get it out of my system, and go back into the fold of society, which includes getting a good paying job, if things didn’t work out.

I’ve never known what I wanted to be when I grew up—I’ll turn 39 next week and I’m as clueless as when I decided I wanted to be a Marine in order to chase challenges and adventures. I still only desire to chase challenges and adventures. Besides chasing challenges and adventures, the only three other consistent things in my life are: Christ, writing, and fitness.

Other than being a Marine, I’ve had no regular job…nothing that leads to a career path, or equates to having skills or background to add to a resume. I can lead and take charge, that’s what I’m qualified to do. There are no regular jobs I desire to do…so my limited options always boil down to one thing: writing.

While I’ve been on this road trip, I’ve not been writing or looking for work as a freelance writer. Since I’m not independently wealthy—I need to start generating income. The plan for the next phase must include becoming a paid freelance writer, generating sales for the books I’ve already written, and continuing to write more books.

In the interim, I might need to look for part time work…I’ll have to see what I can pick-up, wherever I happen to be. Many places offer seasonable work. I’ll have to get better at budgeting and being more financially responsible to make the nomadic lifestyle happen.

Elevating The Challenges and Skill Sets

I’m not the type of person that’s satisfied settling in my skill sets for the activities that I take pleasure in doing. Therefore, as I continue this journey, a big part of it is about taking my abilities and the challenges to the next level.

This was my first year of mountain biking single track and I truly enjoyed it. While I often found myself frustrated by my lack of skills, and eventually, by the limitations of my bike (I have a hard tail bike) I none the less rode a lot. I want to buy a new bike and take some lessons to take things to the next level.

I also hiked more than ever before and want to take hiking to the mountaineering level and/or thru hiking/back country hiking and camping. I also want to conquer some summits—such as Kilimanjaro and venture to the basecamp of Mt. Everest.

Other Factors

There are other limitations and factors I have to calculate such as: Little Man, my car, needing to get my IMA time in (Marine Corps Reserve drills) and a few other loose ends that require me to make at least one trip back to MA.

I don’t know if or how it will all end up coming together—but that’s the fun, mystery, and excitement of the journey.

When you’re on the road, you don’t know who you’re going to meet or what might come up.