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Turning 39

Turning 39

I’ll be turning 39 tomorrow hiking around Mt. Hood, Oregon. I couldn’t decide where I wanted to be for my birthday, even after giving it significant thought, so in the end, I went with the fact my car is due for servicing and I should bring it in to a dealership, Portland seemed as good as any place. The earliest the dealership could fit me in is on Friday, September 9th. I decided to stay in Hood River a tad longer and return to Portland to stay with a friend and take care of the car.

Last year I was in Brussel, feeling exhausted, run down, and reminiscing on the summer I’d dreamt up, but didn’t quite get to have.

“A summer that was supposed to leave me with rosy cheeks, windblown hair, sun bathed skin, and a toned physique from all the biking, hiking, swimming, and all sorts of other activities. It was a summer designed to leave me feeling alive!”

I didn’t have that summer last year, but I sure as heck did this year! Booya!  The above description is exactly how I find myself on my birthday, about to turn 39.

I started my 38th year with plans to write and travel, in a fight against my fleshly demons while wondering if I would ever find myself in a relationship. I hadn’t been dating at all and was clueless what kind of man I wanted in my life. I was on my way to spend time with my family, and praying to be more opened, to be better at sharing who I was with others, and allowing people into my life. My goals included continuing to hike, bike, and be active outdoor. I didn’t want to go back to my lifestyle prior to Germany.

The Year that Passed

I didn’t complete my writing projects, but I got a solid start. I traveled, but not to all the locations I’d originally hoped. I had some wonderful times with my family, but lost my mom to brain cancer. I grew more open and able to share who I am. I developed and nurtured some new friendships. My flesh led me to sin, which after repenting, strengthen my convictions. I began to date (well sorta). My faith and trust in the Lord continued to flourish as I openly shared my testimony. I had incredible adventures—I biked and hiked more than ever before in my life. It was an incredible year.

The Year to Come

What I pray for and desire in the year to come is to continue to live my life traveling/on the road, but also establish my home base for the years to come (probably in Squamish). I want to finish my writing projects and make it as a freelance writer and speaker. A huge accomplishment would be to at long last achieving financial success through my own endeavors.

I want to get to Basecamp of Mt. Everest, summit Mount Kilimanjaro, and drive across New Zealand. I want to become a better mountain biker and perhaps learn some rock and ice climbing skills.

I’ll put in my package to be selected as the Commander of 6th Communication Battalion and by the grace of God, I’ll be given the honor.

I want to keep growing in my faith and build on the progress I’ve made of opening up and making myself available to people I encounter. I seek to be more generous and even less selfish. I want to be a positive example of living a Christ centered life.

If it’s in God’s plan and timing—I’ll fall in love.

Being 39

I have ambitious plans, but I expect it to be another amazing year. It once again won’t be without challenges and hardship that will continue to lead to new discoveries and blessings. I’ll maintain a life that’s God led, God filled, and God driven. It’s the only way I know not to go wrong.

I appreciate all the love, support, and encouragement of my family, friends, and readers. I know God will be glorified in the year to come from the ways He’s going to work in and through my life.

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