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A Lesson From God on Timing

In the last couple of decades I’ve tried to get someone to take me fishing more times than I can count. No one ever followed through and fishing became one of simplest but hardest thing to accomplish on my bucket list. Fishing (much like finding love) wasn’t always on the forefront of everything I did, but it bothered me it kept eluding me when everyone else around me, appeared to be doing it. Why was it so hard for me to fish for the first time? I knew someday I’d get to go fishing…I just didn’t know when or how.

Yesterday I wrote an email to airport guy, who for all intentional purposes, has become my sounding board and “dear diary” over the past year. As I’ve traveled and things have happened to me—he’s been the one person who has heard (read) it all. I’ve sent him so many emails that have gone unanswered but allowed me to express myself—I’ve lost count. Part of why I keep pouring my heart out to him is because he doesn’t answer. I know he reads and processes it all but he doesn’t feel compelled to provide feedback or advice—and I like that.

The email I sent him expressed my disappointment in still not having encountered that one guy I’ve been waiting to meet and the lack of chemistry with the guys I have met. I ended the email with saying it was time to go check-in to my AirBnB and departed the coffee shop to do just that.

I checked-in and met Brian, my host, who is turning out to be a really good guy. We chatted it up and got on fabulously. He mentioned taking Little Man for a walk by the river and since Little Man had been cooped up for the last few days that seemed like a great idea.

As we were leaving, he went into his car and grabbed a fishing pole. I looked at the fishing up and thought No Way. I told Brian of my predicament with my inability to knock off the quintessential act of fishing off my bucket list. He was surprised I had never been fishing, but said nothing else.

Long story short, for the first time in my life, after years of waiting, I casted a line into the Columbia River in the hopes of catching a bass. I didn’t catch anything…no beginner’s luck or anything, and it got dark so I couldn’t fish for long, but I FINALLY got to go fishing!

After all those years, missed opportunities, and disappointments—it just happened. It wasn’t planned, I didn’t have to ask for it, and it required no work.

The ease with which this bucket list item was crossed off in the end, particularly in relations to the things that have been on mind, felt like God winked at me. I wasn’t looking for reassurance, nor was my faith faltering, but none the less, God blessed me along with sending me some valuable reminders. His timing is perfect. When things take place according to His timing, they are effortless.

The waiting can get painful, tedious, and discouraging, but one must remain hopeful and faithful. You might have to wait a decade or two for something, and then, it will just happen!

It wasn’t a grandiose fishing expedition, it was simple and perfect in its timing and unfolding. Another reminder of how God works. Don’t look for huge signs, major changes, or majestic gestures—God is at work in your everyday life and circumstances. That’s where He’s going to show up when you need Him and to bless you.

Something else of note to this event/blessing/wink from God. If you’ll remember from my other post, I didn’t know where to go to next once I crossed back over to the United States, so I leaned on the Lord and prayed for guidance. After talking with a few Tinder matches and some other strangers who came into my life, I eventually settled on Hood River. My first night here (technically in Mosier), I crossed off a major first time experience off my list. I’d say I’m where I’m supposed to be and God confirmed it!